The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Lauren Lane from Edison Elementary
Your show that you preformed was extrodinary and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.Thank you for preforming at our school so much. It was awsome!

Sarah Kelly
hi i really loved your show at Edison Elementary School (that is where i go to school). I would love to sign your project ihave never seen artwork that good in my entire life and my best friend s dad is an artist his name is Joel Brock maybe you have seen some of his art work i hope you get this e-mail before you leave washington because i am a really big fan of yours and i have a lot of your brothers music tell him I think its really good thank you, sarah Kelly

Trisha Youngquist
yo, dude waz^ i wanna sign your project later dude

jeff bajema
is there a way i could sine i go to edison elemetery school my adress is 14037 gimor ave in edison

Jessica Bajema
Due, you were awesome. Thank you so much for coming to our school. Is there anyway that I could become included in the singature project? 7th grade student@ Edison Elementary

Cooper Blade
I really liked your show. I wish I would have gotten to put my name on the painting. But thanks for showing the project. It was really cool. I think the kids at Edison Elementry school liked it too. THANKS!

Sarah Quinn
hey i thought your show was quite amazing. i am half irish and i can do the irish dance. today i got a new boyfriend named kyle headbloom. an

Micaela Averbeck
Your show is amazing my friend Kyle Hedblom really loved it along with you.

Meagan Rodman
Someone that I know, said this show was going to be about lasers! I guess not! I was very impressed with your show. Your art was very beautiful, I loved it! From:Meagan R. an Edison Elem. school student, in Bow, W.A. (Mr.Prante's class)

Sarah Bock
Dear Patrick, Today you came to Edison Elementary and gave a wonderful presentation on your amazing projects. I go to Edison, and thought that was the best assembaly I've ever been to! I love your art! It has really inspired me to do a great art project like, the Signature Project, when I get older. I think your cleverness and creativity has made you the most interesting artist on earth! I'd love to show my parents your presentation, I think they'd enjoy it as much as I did. It was unique, and that's what made it so fabulous! Your brother's music is also spectacular, It sooths my mind and is so beutiful, I want to fall asleep when I listen to it! All in all you are a true artist that has tremendous talent!

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