The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jessica Bajema
Due, you were awesome. Thank you so much for coming to our school. Is there anyway that I could become included in the singature project? 7th grade student@ Edison Elementary

Cooper Blade
I really liked your show. I wish I would have gotten to put my name on the painting. But thanks for showing the project. It was really cool. I think the kids at Edison Elementry school liked it too. THANKS!

Sarah Quinn
hey i thought your show was quite amazing. i am half irish and i can do the irish dance. today i got a new boyfriend named kyle headbloom. an

Micaela Averbeck
Your show is amazing my friend Kyle Hedblom really loved it along with you.

Meagan Rodman
Someone that I know, said this show was going to be about lasers! I guess not! I was very impressed with your show. Your art was very beautiful, I loved it! From:Meagan R. an Edison Elem. school student, in Bow, W.A. (Mr.Prante's class)

Sarah Bock
Dear Patrick, Today you came to Edison Elementary and gave a wonderful presentation on your amazing projects. I go to Edison, and thought that was the best assembaly I've ever been to! I love your art! It has really inspired me to do a great art project like, the Signature Project, when I get older. I think your cleverness and creativity has made you the most interesting artist on earth! I'd love to show my parents your presentation, I think they'd enjoy it as much as I did. It was unique, and that's what made it so fabulous! Your brother's music is also spectacular, It sooths my mind and is so beutiful, I want to fall asleep when I listen to it! All in all you are a true artist that has tremendous talent!

hello, I love your idea of this piece of artwork and I enjoyed you coming to my school. I didn't get to sign it but two people in my class did for representing room *307*.

Maria Wallace
Thank you very much for coming to Edison Elementary and giving your presentation. I am seven years old and i really enjoyed it as did my sister Gina. We are Irish too. Our father's family is from Ardtradsna Ireland and next year we may be going to see them! Your idea is fantastic, i really like the signature project!

Donna Cole
Patrick, Words cannot describe the emotional and magical assembly you gave today. I am so blessed to have met the man who will create a mural for our world that will have a lasting thought-provoking impact on our society - all around the globe. I was awed with a glimpse into your mind, your thoughts, your family, and your vision. To know that I, and staff and students at my school have a very small part of this mural makes your vision that much more magical. My only regrets is that my father who passed away a year ago today, was not able to see your father's image and your incredible vision. Thank you so much for sharing your self and your family with the world. I will eagerly be watching and waiting! Donna Cole 7/8 Science Teacher Edison School Bow, WA 98232

Lauren Beckman
your picture is really cool. I wish my name could be in your pictures. I like your work.I liked your show at Jamul Primary School. I am in 5th grade and age 11. Goodbye,~Lauren Beckman~

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