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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Amethyst: MJHS student
Your art is genius, I think that this peice of work will become famous because it is unique and beautiful. However, I must say that you suck because I did not get to sign the mural due to the fact that I did not have red hair, that is HAIRISM man!... and also, I did not enjoy the sales pitch about the art being on DVD and the music your brother did being for sale... but I must say, the music is incredibly beautiful and I loved it. Thank you for comming to my school to show us this worth while art.

Trevor Larsen
I liked the flies your son ties but he,s not as good as a flyfisherman as I am!!!! Trevor Larsen Monroe Junior High

Nicholas Jackson
I love your brother's music! It's fantastic!

Hi, I just experienced your project at Monroe Junior High. I thought it was cool how you are taking all the signatures and putting them into one painting. - Brendan

Tonia Boyle
I had the wonderful opportunity to view your inspiring performance at Monroe Junior High today. All I can say is WOW! When I discussed the presentation with my students later, they had the same positive reaction that I did.

Amanda Compton (Lumina)
why wern't we hillside students aloud to sign your prodject? could you please put my name on it ide realy like to be included in something some extrodinary as the signiture prodject.

I really love your show. i've seen it twice already and each time i was really amazed. i think it is so wonderful to have such a passion to devote your life to this and put all of these amazing hidden ideas into little bits and pieces of your LIFE picture. it is a very powerful and mind-boggling project that is so beautiful and neat, that it can make you so taken by it that its your life and dream. I've always wanted to go to Ireland and see the beautiful green clifts, so seeing your show really makes it all the more exciting to dream about. Your imagination inspires me so much, thank you very much.

please just lose the whole phone call thing. and what was with the cat thing? freaky!

I'm from MJHS you just did a show there you said to leave a comment so i am. This is really awesome, and i'm relaly bummed out i didn't get to sign it i hope i'll get the dvd once it is all complete! your such an awesome artists! thanks for comming to our school. sincerely, Katie

Hey, I go to the MONROE JR. HIGH and I saw your presentation, I also saw it at the Hidden River Middle School last year. This presentation was awsome for the fact that the phone call was fake. I liked it tho!!!

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