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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Sandra M.
Dear Patrix,your show was fanstasic. THANK YOU for come to are school. I hope you come again. LOVE SANDRA M.

i thougt u were great at school yesterday

Erick Magana
Hi Patrick, I was one of the students from Morrison School.I loved your project it was awsome. From the coolest Guy Erick!

Arianna Hernandez
I'm from Carter(4th).I thought your show was really cool! Thank you for show.

Osvaldo Reynoso
It was amazed when you played the guitar and your brother the flute, I liked the sound effects. (your friend at Morrison Elementary school.)

Bria Paquette
Hi Patrick Dunning,This is Bria again.I was going to ask you if mabe I could sign your picture.If I can, will you tell me where to go?I would realy like to sign.My family could sign too.I've been trying to get my dad to look at your pictures, but he's always too busy.And 1 more thing,I wish you good Irish Luck for trying to find a place for the picture.TTFN:Tah-Tah-For-Now!

Sue Glasser
Thank you for coming to Morrison School. It was a wonderful experience for us. I personally was very touched by your message. It had great meaning to me. I was involved with a 9/11 Quilt project which I thought was a massive project but we had hundreds of people working on it. I plan to send the artist with the vision of the quilt your site so he can experience it also, he would have a great appreciation of your work. Thank you again,it was a honor to sign your work.

Lori Knight
Dear Patrick, Thanks for being on this planet to remind us all what living really means! I'm a fifth-grade teacher from Morrison School in Norwalk, CA who experienced the expression of your life's work today. Even though I will remember the rich sensory experiences of your show for a long time to come, the fact that I was fortunate enough to encounter a life so fully lived will stay with me forever. I was, and am, deeply touched and inspired. Thanks again for making this a better world. Sincerely, Lori Knight

Hey Patrick i come from morrison elementray your show was cool and hope you had a good time with our school

i love this your a genius smarty your amazing

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