The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi I am in Ms.Osbornes class I loved your show yesterday

Victoria Font
I saw Mr. Dunning's amazing presentation this morning along with my 4th grade students at Carter Elementary in Palm Desert. I have not stopped thinking about it all day! It was such a multi layered,incredible show that went beyond any expectation I had of a school assembly. His message of love and the interconnectedness of all of life and his absolute joy in expressing it comes shining through. Mr. Dunning knows how to keep an auditorium full of young kids in awe for a solid hour with a combination of storytelling, music, magic and mystery all woven together through the tapestry of his Signature Project. It was thrilling to be able to add my name to the canvas. I highly recommend his presentation-it's much more than just a presentation, it's an EXPERIENCE! Thank you!

Anthony Elorie
Hi Mr. Dunning ,on March 9,2004 you came to Carter and showed us your awesome art. I think and believe that you are better than Vincent Van Gogh, my name is Anthony Elorie and I really hope to see you again. YOU HAVE THE LUCK OF THE IRISH.You have inspired every one of us today and I wanted to say thank you.

Juley (Austin)
My son Austin saw your performance today at Carter school in Palm Desert,CA He enjoyed it very much and insisted on me looking you up on your site.Good luck in everything you do .

Bri M
hi you were good bye

joseph mancuso
hay I saw you at carter elamenty you rock on later duuudeee...............................oh one more thing your nice bye... your friend,joseph

Connie Dorst
I teach 5th grade at Carter Elementary in Palm Desert, CA. Today Patrick Dunning presented to our students the most amazing program! The children sat enraptured as he wove art, music, and technology around and through the human experience. Every child and adult connected with Dunning and his ambitious project. I am proud to have my signature be an infinitesimal part of this canvas. Thank you for coming to enrich us!!

connor ms fonts class 13 carter
i liked the picture of irish vision thank you

Rachel Villa
I really enjoyed your assembly at Bouquet elementary. I going to look for your CD. byebye

Robert Kesel
Thank you for bringing your wonderful work to Carter Elementary. There were so many diferent forms of art, all that were simply amazing. You had the students full attention as well as mine. Many of their comments included "The best assembly I've ever seen! I want to see it again." I think that sums it up for students and teachers alike. We all look forward to seeing it to it's completion. Good Luck!

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