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Hi Jessica agian I was wondering how many years of school it takes to be wut you are? I love the picture of your dad and I loved the 43 picture! I also loved the music that your brother did I think that your the best artist EVER! Now I want to be just like you. Bye right back please! ~Jessica~

hey Patrick i loved your show it was really cool. You came to my school today(bouquet canyon) my class loved u as well. you did a great job ~christina

Maegen C(ravotta) me Sinko ^^;
Wh00t! Awesome show! I kinda came in late...but I still loved it! ^-^ I'm in Miss LaPorte's class, you know, the class you gave that awesome poster to? Well...I just wanted to say how unfair it was that you signed the other kid's thinger and not mine! T_T just kidding! Though it was a major bummer. Hey, did you know that I'm Irish? You probably could tell from my first name, Maegen (pearl in Scottish :D). I Loooooove Irish music, especially with the flutes. I boring you yet? ^^ I draw...stuff, and it was cool to see artwork that wasn't nessacarily(sp?) "draw" per se. I also write! I'm working on a song for the piano. Pity I won't be going to Bouquet Canyon next year, or I'd appsolutely(another sp? check...)DIE if you didn't come back! Hey...perhaps you can visit the Junior Highschools next year! Please, I beg you, e-mail me!!! ^^;;;<---(that is a sweat-drop, originating from the japanese cartooning known as Anime and/or Manga ^^ hehe) Anyway...I believe that is a pretty nice

hey you inspired me to do my own so now i am going to do my own signiture project and all my friends are goign to sign it thnk you so much cassandra


heyy i luved the assembly it was really kool it said my name 3 times up there thanks 4 comin

sam tazartes
dear patrick dunning you are so cool.

Isaac Martin
Hey you signed a postcard for me at Bouquet Canyon Elem. You said our class was your favorite. Well write back if you can see yah and good luck DDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDEEE!

Savannah Weakley
Dear Mr. Dunning, I saw your assembly at Boquet Cyn. Elem. School March 3 and I thought it was really great. (Note from Mom of Savannah)- What a great idea. Hope it spreads. Would love to see the project in person. Will it be on display somewhere? If so, please let us know where. Savannah would love to show me where she got to sign it.) Thank you for the wonderful work. Mrs. Weakley

Hey Patrick,all i want to say is wow. Your masterpeice is amazing.How did you come up with this? I told my family all about what you said at Bouquet Canyon Elementarly school. They wanted to see it after I told them.Well got to run. Good Job!!!!!!

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