The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Cassidy Erck
hey i was just in the Wilson school show i really liked your show so cool so amazing how you do that

Cassidy Erck
hey i was just in the Wilson school show i really liked your show so cool :)

Kevin Deegan
Earlier today, you went to my school. I was mesmerized by how you turned a hobby into a masterpiece. I collect pro athlete autographs, and I don't even have 10! Thank you for this experience. Sincerely, a Wilson Elementary School 5th grader.

Danielle Colucci
The students and staff of Woodward Children's Center absolutely loved the show. It was great for every age. If you have an opportunity to have Patrick visit your school, you students will be mesmerized!!!

I saw you at my school today(Strawtown elementary)and I just wanted to say how amazing this project is! Wow! It’s so interesting how you made different pictures with the infrared and x ray lights too. I hope it looks great when it’s finished. Thank you for the inspiration.

I loved the show.The funniest part was when someone said yooowassupman!!??I loved your brothers music .Also this is from a student at your latest show.You are awesome at doing stuff like this.If you didnt notice me you pointed at me and said you knew where you would be looking.My friend and I tryed to stay quiet but it was so cool we talked a tiny bit.There is somebody in our class who is irish also.I loved the show.

i loved your show today


Hi on Wednesday we had the show at G Harold Antrim I just wanted to tell you that I loved it and I wish you can come again.

Hi Patrick. My name is Jack and I’m 11. I just watched your show at E.T. Hamilton school and it was very fascinating. I hope you finish your project soon.

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