The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I enjoyed you so much I wish you could come every single day it was so fun and it proably must of been hard also 1 day I want to go to iresland one day and see your studio and the bridge and see all the places!

Thank you for coming to our school! Your presentation was really cool! My favorite parts were when you told us about the person that breeds the butterflies and when you told us about when you made the big curtain painted with the eye.

Francesca Ferrera
Thank you soooo much for coming! That was so cool.I loved EVERYTHING!

thank you for coming and sharing your presentation. you are a wonderful artist, i hope you finish the signature project!:)

Manuel suarez
I like all the hard work that you did good job.

Ava Chimblo
You did a very good job with your show and just so you know I will tell my parents about you and your Signature Project.

Wow! Your project was very amazing and incredible. When I grow up, I'am going to try to have everybody's signature signed.

Sara Justice
Thanks for coming in to Zach Elementary school. Your presentation was amazing. I had so much fun.

Emily Virata
That was so cool!I like how you threw the light, and how every part of the Signature Project related to everything, such as your father and brother and all the other people. Thank you for performing at Zach Elementary for us, it was amazing!

Elizabeth Hatzis
I loved your presentation! The effects were amazing, and I've never heard about a project so interesting!

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets