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hi!I your work was amazing today.I was sitting in the front row two seats away from the projector on the right at 9:00.

willow weinstein
i loved your show today it was one of the best assemblies i ever been to

Dylan Berutti
Dear Mr. Dunning; Thank you very much for coming to Ridgewood Avenue School GR NJ today. It was the best assembly that we have had (in my opinion) since I came to the school. It was amazing how different it was to all our other assemblies. I loved how you hid more art in other frames and it was only visible under ultraviolet light or with an X-Ray. Thanks again for coming to our school, from Glen Ridge, NJ.

you are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched your presentation today at school. I am still in awe. It sounds amazing. I love how you express yourself in the form of art. This is such an amazing project and I hope everything goes smoothly and you can finish it just how you wanted to!

I love your project!!! I will post other comments!!!

Colin Pennington
Lit bro like yeah

Wesley Steele
Thank you for the presentation! I was watching at Ridgewood Ave, AND IT WAS GREAT! Yooooooo!

Nadine Wilkes
Hi! Today I saw your presentation at ridgwood avenue school!! I hope you keep going with your amazing project! I hope I can see it again. Thank you for coming and sharing that amazing Presentation!! Good wishes Nadine

Will U. Cuttlmi
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