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Janet Boyd Boff
Dear Mr. Dunning, I was touched on many levels by your phenomenal presentation today at Copper Beech School. Your vision, passion and commitment to celebrate Life was deeply moving. One of our student's, who recently lost her mother, shared a huge smile with me as she was leaving the gym. I looked at her and said "isn't it amazing, Katie,--all the connections." Her smile grew bigger. Thank you for helping her see that, and for reminding the rest of us of our connectedness. I was so thrilled to sign the panel today, but I realize that I didn't thank you for the honor of being part of the Signature Project. Thank you for the gift. Janet

Linda Myrick
I was awestruck and spellbound throughout this amazing experience. Your work is unique and truly inspirational to all who strive to have their lives reflect their dreams for themselves and the world.

Greg Dimitriadis
Hey, I have just seen your presentation at Warren Hills High School in Warren County, NJ, and I must say it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. I wasn't expecting it to be that great seeing as how it was in my school and the fact that past experiences have molded my visions of in-school presentations to corny/crappy things that bore you to death. This was (AMAZINGLY) refreshing and I thank you heartily for the hour or so you spent giving the presentation. The whole comtemporary view of art conglomerating concepts of vision, music, and traditional artistic styles, not even mentioning the thousands of signatures going into this, fascinated me. Don't stop doing this crazy thing, because I can see that when it's done, it's done for a damn good reason. I probably don't know what it is, but it's still incredibly important it's finished. Peace.

Nichelle Caramanoff
I substitute taught today on 2/1/06 at Toby Johnson Middle School (Elk Grove, CA). It was such a wonderful presentation and it's such a great project to share with these students and the world for that matter. How I would love to be a part of something so grand! I graduated from San Jose State University with an art degree in photography. I taught 7th grade science and am currently enrolled in the Master's program for integrating technology in education at Stanislaus State University in Turlock, CA. I think your presentation would be a wonderful thing to share with the teacher credentialing program at the university. It would be a great opportunity for future teachers to see the arts, science, math, social studies, and music being integrated so seemlessly into a fabulous statement of mankinds strengths and frailities. BRAVO! Encore! Thanks for sharing yourself, Nichelle Caramanoff 02-01-2006

Karolyn Casazza
Dear Patrick, I just left your presentation at Candlewood Middle School in New York. This has to be the best program I have seen in my entire life! Thank You for creating sharing your incredible art work and inspiring message. I am so moved by your presentation that I can't stop talking about it! You are truly a genius! 5/1/06

Mary O'Leary Calcagni
Dear Patrick, I saw your presentation today at PS 53 on Staten Island. I'm one of the school nurses and usually don't get a chance to see school shows. The Asst. Principal (knowing that I'd just been back from Ireland) told me I might want to go to see it. Patrick, that is the most significant artistic present I have ever seen. I was heartwarming, entertaining, and mind boggling all at the same time. While the children enjoyed it immensely, I doubt that they could capture the scope and depth of your work, but your tribute to humanity was obviously felt deeply by all present. I felt tremendously honored to be able to add my name to your work.

Rob Leili-Marrazzo
Dear Patrick, I apologize, but I have simply been left speechless. You've shown me through example two beautiful lessons I'll carry for the rest of my life, if I can dream it I can do it, and that to live for art is to live through ones art. The only thing I can really manage to say with out rambling though is that the world is in dire need of more minds like yours. Saying thank you simply doesn't mean enough but ill say it anyway. Thanks, Rob Leili-Marrazzo

Theresa Colleen
This is a little late comment.... but I was at the production you gave at the College of St.Scholastica. It was absolutely creative and insanely intelligent! I am also a fellow artist, although not on the level as you! I just wanted to say that it was a very healing thing for me to see, because you helped me show just how beautiful the world can be and how it really keeps on going and no matter what happens in your lifetime, it just continues to move forward! Seeing how interconnected I was to everyone helped me. I have been feeling so disconnected from the world because of my past. I have endured physical and sexual abuse from the age of 5 to 16 and the world has been a very cruel place to me. But I have, through your example, the insight that through art i can make it whatever i want it to be and that billions of other people share the same pain as me, but you just keep on moving :) Thank you Patrick for sharing your lifes work and knowledge; and also for putting a smile on my face :

Kathleen Kiefer
All of Cottage Hill Elementary School agrees that we have never had a better assembly in the history of the school. Your multidimensional, thought provoking, touching presentation challenged us to rethink our perceived boundaries of creativity and the importance of our shared lives. You have taken what you love and given it a voice for all of us to learn from. I came away feeling that I could do anything I put my mind to, and I asked my students to think about the gifts they have been given and to always look for a way they can make their days center around that for the rest of their lives. Thank you for allowing our two students who recently lost their mother to cancer to sign. It was so healing for them. Thank you also for presenting in our less than dark multipurpose room. We truly hope we did not compromise your art or offend you. It was a beautiful experience for us. We hope you would consider returning next year. God bless you.

Jason Fu
You are out of your mind! (in a good way)

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