The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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jasmine kristich
today i saw your presentation and it was amazing i loved it so much keep up the good work and have a great holiday

Sonya Harvey
Patrick is a very captivating presenter, very artistic and expressive. He touches in not only the importance of global community but also diversity and leaves a very strong message on peace, love and life. Please consider bringing him to your school. Your students will LOVE this!

I saw you several years ago in wall nj ;). Any plans to do an adult version of your show in red bank or asbury perhaps?

Richard Winfirld
I'm trying to get in contact with Patrick Dunning. Patrick used my music for his show and CD. I live in the Seattle area and I'm sure Patrick would remember me.

Karen Emhof
Thank you for the outstanding assembly at Toll Gate Grammar! Your integration of art, technology and music were inspiring! My class was attentive and engaged the entire time. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to become a small part of your Signature Project when I signed my name too! Best of luck as you continue this amazing project!

Andrew Thexton
Awesome show today at BCMS! I love the idea of this project, very creative!

The Height and whole picture of it was so beautiful and astonishing and I was glad I got to see it

You can and presented the project to us today and it was amazing! Thank you so much!

Stevie Sanderson
The masterpiece project came to my school today. I loved it and so did all my friends.

David Wang
Hi,Mr.Dunnings,I am a fourth grader from GMA Elementary school,the school you visited at December 1,2015 to give your presentation.And I LOVED it!All those little codes on the painting of your father,hidding that picture in your signature painting,it was so exiting!And I wish I could have a Thermon,too!and here is my name!Add that on your painting please(of course,if you have space)! David Wang,A GMA student who is proud of his school

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