The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Great Idea! Nice presentation

You just came to my school and you were AMAZING!!! Thank you for coming.

I loved the presentation today I wish I could sign also I loved the eye

Uriel Tapia
I'm so excited that I saw your show because your show was a so cool I can not believed my eyes that your heart in the right spot. I like your show in our class I was jumping up and down because your show was amezed

Jennifer Castilla
Thank you for visiting our school. We learned that you can combine art and science! Your show was cool, amazing and a little bit scary. However, it was fantastic! The part when you took your "heart out" was incredible. We also learned how to combine art and electricity. You are a genius, brilliant and a fabulous musician. We wish you the best! Love, Mrs. Castilla and her 31 2nd graders :) PS. Your motorcyle sounds were exciting...

jyotsna Shah
This was a fabulous show! It has excellent messages about life to learn from. You have to see it to believe it.

Heather M
My kids can not stop talking about your work! You were at their school in CT for an assembly. Thank you for inspiring children!

Eric O'Brien
Thank you for such an intriguing performance. Your mixture of the arts and mathematics is awe-inspiring. Your work evokes thoughts of Pascal and Sierpinski. Thanks for coming to Bellmoreschools.

Micaela De Los Santos Perez Villasana Glavez Escorbar
When you came to my school (Sovereign Ave. School) it was amazing it teaches a lot of lessons. And tolled a lot of hidden things. :)

Silas Connolly
I really support the signature project i was also one of the kids at markham i wish only the best for the project

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