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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Vincent Cata
I am the one you took pictures of as Santa at CHS. Could you please email them to me. Thank you.

SD Funk
Please contact me regarding the White Steeple Church in Silverton. Thank you.

i loved your projected i loved it. i hope you met your goal.

brenda l david
I loved your show at salmon river school. I felt very connection to your art. it was amazing to see. I felt very honored when you asked us teachers to sign your piece of art. I loved it. I just wished I would have signed it with my Mohawk Name. Konwathrori wakathahoinni. LOVE IT! Kanoronhkwa tsi naho:ten saio'te.

Mr. Aldrich
Sekon (Hello). We just left your show at Salmon River Central School (The Shamrocks). The students thoroughly enjoyed the show. As for myself, it was one of the best assemblies we've had in a long time. We wish you the best of luck with your project. Niawen (Thank you) for sharing it with us.

How do I find out if you will be in Seattle area? I am a previous signer and am interested in your project performance.

Laurie Hester
Found the card we were given when we signed your project, near the birds lower wing. Wondered what happened to the project. How can I see it? Is it at OMSI? Great to know it is completed!

Dermot Houston
Get up you bollocks!

I wish I did the same thing you do!

hi,Patrick the rest of my Laura Donovan school and I love the show very much.The show inspired me and taught me a knew kind of art.I love art too!you are a really good artist and also really good at playing the guitar.Great show! thanks so much!

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