The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Emily S.
When Patrick Dunning came to visit my school i thought it would be just one of those boring assemballys where they teach you boring things but it wasn't. I sat there mesmorized and amazed on how itn all works and what an amazing man he is. Although i am only in fifth grade i am so into Mr.Dunning and his work i have told my family and sent an email to all of my friends! It was probably the best assembally i've ever been to!

anna smith
I love the music!

Omeed Karimi
The show that Mr.dunning put on for us at school was truly amazing.

I experience this at my school. I was so amused by this and was blown away. We totally blew off our language arts plans and gathered together and talked about it. I was so fascinated by this. I thought that this was so cool because Patrick Dunning took what he liked and expanded it. These signatures weren't by well known people, but they were by random people, who accomplished something and got kicked to the curb. I like this. I may never meet any of the people that signed the project, but we were able to come together and accomplish something big. Props to Patrick!! Good job and keep up the great artwork!

reyna hoinowski
your project is amazing! i would like to see it when sure you remember going to orange avenue school a student there in fourth teacher is mrs blanche and she signed it.well thats all thanks for coming to my school!bye

I love the project, Mr.Dunning came to my school.

Eileen Foley Faitoute
Thank you for a wonderful experience that we will feel for many days to come. Your show truly celebrates the human spirit in all it's simplicity/complexity. Thank you.

You were at my school and you were awesome!

Aileen Carr
The students were so excited following the assembly that they began their own signature project. Bravo!

Lynette Vargyas
You are still impacting my students a year later.... Today I was playing music as I worked in my room during lunch. It happened to be Celtic (actually Celtic/Alternative/Rock) when one of my students from last year walked into my room to help, as she often does. When she asked what kind of music what on, I told her Celtic. She then said (with no coaching from me) "Oh, do you remember the artist that came last year? He was Irish and he played Celtic music in the assembly. He was wonderful!" No more need to be said... you are still admired and appreciated by our students here at Mariposa. I know you will touch so many more lives in your travels.

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