The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Erica Harmon
Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed the presentation that you gave at my school (clinton public school) today. I think that your idea is really cool and I would likr to maybe sign it myself someday. Thanks again! :)

Today during school I had an assembly(6-8 grade) and I learned that there are more things in life that anyone could imagine. Mr. Dunning, you have inspired me to get up and go out and to get away from the 21st-century electronics! I now know that my meaning in life is the culinary arts. I looked INSIDE of my heart to know that. I will travel all over the world to see, taste, and smell new foods that could interest me. THANK YOU Mr.DUNNING! You have officially put a meaning to not only my life, but to everyone else you have inspired! Again, THANK YOU Mr.Dunning!

Amanda Hayward
We love your art alot and we are ridgedale middle school!!!!!!!!! I hope to see this project when it is finished. Also my best friend Gillian is irish and when she goes to ireland on day she well visit you shop.

Felicia Klingenberg
I truely enjoyed watching Patrick Dunnings presentation. Their are no words to describe how talented this man is. The time and love he put into every detail of is artwork and all the hidden meaanings is unbelievable. I truely believe he needs to show this presentation in a bigger forum. A theatre for example could so he could show it to more people therefore touching more people of all ages. He is brillant!

Mr.Dunning, I would like to thank you for inspiring me today through your captivating presentation. Your authentic work is certainly one of a kind, your delivery is perfect and the project will certainly turn out well. If one truly believes, they will achieve, and your positive energy have shown that. Thank you for your dedication and time. Good luck!

Hey I'm from kushner academy and I loved your show

Grace Cohn
The signature Project by Patrick Dunning is an inspiring peice of artwork, that is all about life. His journey and what is to become, has taught me to think beyond the usual. The assembly opened my mind to new thought and exciting things. Good luck the project!

Paula Rogers
What a treat to meet such a talented artist with such perseverence and a true vision. The scope of the project and the depth of the vision are so impressive. What a wonderful, talented man.

Ciara McElroy
Patrick Dunning's Signature Project uses a collaboration of all different media and art forms that uses millions of signatures to represent Life. This assembly opened my mind to the idea that the final destination is not what you learn from, but the road and journey along the way.

Andy MacDavid
Patrick Dunning wasn't going to let me sign one of his panels this past Friday (3/23/12) at HVRHS in Falls Village, CT because I was wearing a Boston Red Sox tee-shirt. I was taken back because I had just that morning on my drive to school (Sharon Center School) listened to the Dropkick Murphys' "Tessie" and I know that Boston is full Irish and Irish-Americans who love the Red Sox. It seemed to me there shouldn't be an issue. My own relatives back in England and Scotland, probably descendents from Ireland, were also thrilled when the Red Sox won in 2004 (and again in 2007). But of course Patrick was just goofing on me and he then told me about being in Boston during that 2004 season. Another one of his many great stories. I, along with the special ed students I was with, throroughly enjoyed the show and my own two kids who go to the high school and saw the afternoon show, were very jealous that I got to sign a panel. Thank you, Patrick, and "happy roads".

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