The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Karen Srull
Dear Patrick, I was fortunate enough to experience your presentation at West Central Middle School this afternoon, and I must say that in 25 years as a public school educator, I have never been so moved by a convocation before! The Signature Project is indeed an innovative work of art that touched me to my very soul. Simplicity and complexity, beauty and technology, all rolled up in a blanket of human experience...absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for leading your audience on a wonderful journey that ranges from the outer reaches of the universe to deep inside themselves.

Patrick Paulis
Simply stated Patrick, your presentation on 10/29/04 at Union County Vocational-Technical High School in New Jersey was amazing. Seeing highly diverse disciplines in one work work of art was inspiring. So many students would be more fulfilled if they could experience artistic expression with technology rather than just typing a paper or Emailing a friend. You led students and teachers into a completely different technological vision. Just by signing, you include me and so many others in a performance art. Hopefully, one day this work will be somewhere off Broadway so it could get even greater exposure. Thank you.

Mr. A
Patrick, I have been teaching for 32 years. Today's presentation was the most interesting and innovative program I have seen in that time. Keep up the good work.

Laurel Sayles
I went to see this presentation at the Granger School in Feeding Hills on 10/20/04. As an adult, I was completely mesmerized throught what I called the use of performance art. The project and its presentation is spectacular and I would recommend it to everyone.

Pam Johnson
It is so rare for teachers to leave an All-School Assembly impressed by the show, but we here at Holy Trinity in Kansas(10-6-04) couldn't stop talking about your performance. It was so inspiring and enjoyable. I got goosebumps several times during the show. I couldn't wait to become part of your work and sign my name to the canvas. Thank you for a truly remarkable experience.

I just saw your presentation at the closing day of an enviromental conference in Seattle. I sat near the edge so I could leave early, expecting a typically boring presetation. I was GLUED TO MY SEAT, as was everyone else in the audience. I was moved and awed by the Signature Project on so may levels. Art and music almost always interest me, but technology never and here the combination was thrilling! When they announced that 20 people were going to be able to sign the project, I was hoping like a little kid I would get lucky and I did!!! I am thrilled to know I am a little part of this. Thank you. Sheila

Stef Johnson
I recently saw the show and I absolutely love the concept for this project. What a beautiful tapestry of life and the human spirit. Truly one of the most remarkable works of modern art I have witnessed.

Phil Wentz
I saw your performance this noon in Portland, Oregon. Sublime comes to mind to describe what I witnessed. No that isn't right, it was an experience, and I felt like a participant. Your combination of performance, visual arts, auditory experience had me enthralled. The majesty of connections, the mysticism of unity all combined to keep me mesmerized. Thank you.

Terri Ano
The show was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! When I left the three day conference it was the only thing I could talk about. Everything else paled in comparison. The talent and dedication of this incredible artist have produced a monumental work of art! I look forward to following the project as it is completed. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Rufina Felicetti
Thank you for the presentation that you did on Feb. 9th in Hatch, NM. I am a kindergarten teacher and my students loved all the special effect and the music. I enjoyed everything about your presentation and hearing you speak about life and your family. I hope to one day travel to Ireland and visit all the wonderful amazing cites. Again, thank you! I feel very priveleged to be one on the many people to have signed your artwork and to share it with my own children.

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