The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Maria Lopez
This Signature Project is the one of the most inspirational, motivative and I don't know how else to explain it, thing I have ever experienced. My school had the privilege of having you as a guest and I had the privilege of having the opportunity to watch the show. The school couldn't stop talking about it. One of my classmates kept asking about the presentation everyone was talking about (he didn't get the chance to go) and all I could say "man, you had to be there to actually feel everything I felt. There are no words to explain it." All I can say is keep going because it's a wonderful thing you are doing.

Michael S
I want to thank you for the most amazing assembly presentation I have ever experienced Mr. Dunnings. I am a student at Charles W. Flanagan High School, and all I have to say is thanks. You really had made me happy and speechless. I cannot really put my emotional reaction into words. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca Testa
Saw your show at school and loved it so much. Everything you did was amazing. I can't believe how talented you are with your music, art and technology. Although i wish i was able to sign it, i love your idea of it!

Dustin Vaughan
Hello. I remember when you where at the school in 2005 that was a fun day their at Junction City High School. Only a few of us had got to signed your picture. I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be a part of your project.

Marissa Bonilla
Patrick Dunning you inspired me today at lakeside and your brothers music is AMAZING i cant wait to see you tonight at 6:30 p.m

sorry about that it was really good

it sucked! I'm a student and u stink dude SO borring kill me no really thats was So boring and the phone call-fake! Every student at my school agrees it stinked and ur a lunitic!

D. Phelps
Thank you for inspiring my child today. After seeing you at her school today, she has talked of little else since she got home. She loves to create & is excited by anything artistic; I am always so glad when she sees another aspect of how art is used in our world. Additionally, as my husband & I traveled to Ireland over the summer, she was completely transfixed by any mention of your home country & has taken up begging us to take her now. Um, thanks for that? :) I am only sorry that I couldn't be there to see your presentation for myself & will seek out an opportunity to do so. Keep changing young lives!

He was at my school for an assembly, and this was the best my school ever picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Crandall
I wanted to thank you for sharing your passion with Washington Avenue School in Chatham, NJ. You not only taught us something, but you inspired us to think creatively and to always give our all! We have been touched by you and The Signature Project.

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