The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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you came to my school in silverton oregon and i signed you picture !!!!! hahaha and u said your studio was there in silverton too? is that true ?????????????????

Grethel Alden
Thank you so much for doing your presentation for us, it was inspirational, showed your passion, and was excellently organized and delivered. My students were similarly affected. Thank you! Grethel Alden, Robert Frost School

hi patrick dunning.My name is Hailey Rose Cardiff from Robert frost.I think your awesome!

Cliff Aker
Just Checking in, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 Cliff Aker 732-278-5132

Hello. And Bye.

Britt Ann Larson
Patrick, Thank you so much for coming to Kingston High School today. As I said in our conversation, your presentation has insired me to find more light in my life. Take care of yourself and find the light that will bring the happiness back to your spirit.

hunter higgins
best assembly in my life my head almost exploded from how awsome it was! thank you patruc dunning for making this the best day of my life!

The project is amazing and inspiring to all I love it and it inspiered me to do What I love. I love how you incorporated the people from 9-11 and wish I colould have signed it hope to see you again at Walter c young middle <3 3> <3 :-)

Brian Beaver
Brian Beaver Thank you for the incredible experience you provided for the students at Andrew Carnegie Middle School in Sacramento. When you presented the segment with the theramin embedded, I was reminded of the Sci-Fi classic, "Forbidden Planet," based on "The Tempest" by that grand Irish playright, William Shakespeare. "Forbidden Planet" was the first film to use a completely synthesized score as its background music. It was also the first time a theramin was used in movies to create music rather than weird and scary sound effects. If you are not familiar with this classic, I recommend you give it a look and a listen. Thank you again for the motivation you gave the students at our school. 12-18-2011

The Signature Prioject is an amazing to be piece of artwork. he came to my school today and gave an amazing presentation about his artwork. Everyone in the room was amazed and had thier minds blown! Patrick have safe travels!

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