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Rylie Offstein
I just LOVE your artwork Patrick. P.S. Thanks for coming to my school. (Fort Cherry)

The Signature Project was sooo cool. Thank you for coming to Wildwoodo Elementary to present this special presentation! I love how you have all of the other elements instead of just the picture.

I love your music especially the blues

Jeanne Bouza Roe
Hello Patrick, Remember me from East Williston? I was the one going to Orkney all the time. I have retired and guess where I am? Yup...Orkney, Scotland! Painted a 48 foot mural thing myself last winter. Now continue to make large panels of Orcadian landscapes. How are YOU???? I see the panel is due to be finished this year. I assue that is the one layer and that you will continue with the next or will you "retire" From all the school visits. That being said, I am substituting in the primary school here! It is just next door, so no commute. Anyway....hello and hoping all is well with you and your family.... Jeanne

You came to me school today,(Butte Creek) and it was incredable! Your INCREDABLE! Next year I will be in high school and because of you and you sighature project, Im going to try for art and drama! I was Shy to ask you when you came to my school, if you get alot of bad comments? If so, their just mad that you have more talent in one hand then they have in their hole body. Your story of your father realy touched me (made me cry), but Very good. I hope you the best in The Sighature Project. Thank you xoxo

Gabeielle smith
Dear Patrick Dunning,

I am so glad to see the dream hasn't died. I signed it at the Clark County fairs years ago and bought a t shirt.

Hi I am a student in fitb grade now at riker hill elementary In Livingston new jersey you came to my school last year and it was amazing how you can just ask peOple to take a pen each a different color and sign their name and you can make a beautiful picture from so far away it looks like something else than what it Is but I loved your presentation p.s. Next year I hope you can come to mount pleasant middle school that's where I'll be in 6 th grade I hope you get lots of signatures Love Amanda Scheichet

Hi Patrick Dunning, Thank you for coming to Walter C Young in Pembroke Pines Florida. The presentation is awesome. I just wish you could add a presentation video here on your website.

Thaddeus Gross
Hi Patrick!This is Mr.T,the custodian at Lightfoot Elementary in Rancho Cucamonga,Ca.Remember we jammed a little bit?Just letting you know I still think about the show even though it's been 6 or 7 years ago.So cool.Just wishing you the best and may the wind be always at your back.With fond memories,Thaddeus been about 6 or 7 years

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