The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Meghan Lozano
PAtrick Dunning was truly amazing! He is an absolutely creative genius. What an inspiration! This is by far the greatest assembly our school has ever had. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Signature Project.

hello today is oct. 13,2011 you came to my school Barkhamsted Elementry i thought you were great you were probably the best guest we've ever had

Janessa Green
I really like what you have been doing on your project. Thank you for coming to Barkhamsted School today.

You may want to check out the American Mural Project while you are in the area. it is located in Winsted, Ct. a neighboring town to where you are presenting this week.

Thank you for coming out this way! It was lovely meeting you.

I love this!

Barbara Habeeb
This was probably the best assembly we ever had at Kennedy School. Mr. dunning had the students spellbound! I loved it too!

Lyndsey G.
Your project is OUTSTANDING! I love it. It is beautiful and cool. I'm from Aldrich school! and I love your brother's song's.I like how you hid another picture under another picture. You are so cool!

Daniel Kuhnlein
Dear Mr. Dunning, You came to my school yesterday. I would just like to say that you were amazing. A real show stopper I wanted an encore!!!

Your drawing\signatures are so cool i go to Washington school and the presentatins that you made were so awesome to. i am a 4th grader and when you showed us the light that made the music notes,and when you made that picture out of your dad those two were my favorites and when you called your brother other people thought it was fake but i thought it was real.

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