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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Rebecca Marks
Hello. I loved the show and thank you for letting me sign my name. I am one of the 6th graders you presented for today. My friends and i were truly amazed at the show.

LOVED THIS SHOW WHEN IT CAME TO MY SCHOOL!!!!!! at first when i walked in i thought it was just another assembly but patrick dunning made it fun......i am in a pipe band and loved when you played his brothers music........he told evryone that when he heard about 911 he found a page of all of the names of people who died and added it onto the progect himself.....i rembered that moment that my uncle had died in 911.....after the show i walked up to the square that had the names and instantly found my uncle richard almost made me show ever

Grace Amoruso
Patrick, You came to Clark School and had an awesome preformance! You have some amazing ideas. Can't wait to see the signature project when it is done!!! I wish I could sign the picture. THANKS! GRACE 5-24-11

woow!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE oyur performance!!!!!!!!

Chelsea Cascio
Hi, I am a student from school #8 and i just wanted to say the presentation was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I loved it and I hope you come next year, I think it is very interesting that you take a closer look to everything. I love your artwork!

DyAnne Greentree-Wood
Mostly interested in the gallery in Silverton I have a community that is interested in the building. Wondering what you're doing with it? Love to talk to you 503-913-8857

dynasty rodriguez
hi im from school 10 i love what u did

I've never seen anything cooler than your presentation thank you sooooo much for coming to our school today!

Jeanna Paine
I've been teaching for ten years and I have never seen a show like this before! My class has never been so interested in a presentation- they were at the edge of their seats! I would PAY to see the show again if given the opportunity! If you ever bring your production to the main stage, PLEASE LET US ALL KNOW!! I was deeply moved by your efforts and my class simply LOVED IT!! Roosevelt School #10

Meredith Kafah
Your show was truly inspirational. It was one of the best school assemblies I have ever seen. The students all loved it as well! You have a rare gift.

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