The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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kamalanik meyers
it was the coolest thing i've ever seen i loved it.

brianna apley
your show was cool i wish that you can do it agin

Laura Reyes
OMG Paatrick Dunning came to my school and showed us his project! its so cool and full of life! thxs for the life changing expirience!

Ryan Davis
Camas High school would like to thank you for letting us have a glimpse at your lifes work. We all think that its a beautiful project and cant wait to see the final product.

Virginia Duley
I just watched the presentation of the signature project and I was amazed. This was take place in a small town call Camas, Washington. In my high school Camas High School. My friend and I want to thank you to show us your art, I have been following my dream to be a veterarian since I was little girl. Thank you for showing if you put your heart to it you will make a difference. Thank you, you change my life and show me passion into art. 03-15-2011

Jada Kranig
I really enjoyed your presentation. I wish I could have signed the Signature Project then it would be cool to know that i am a part of this awsome project. Blue Oaks School appreciated your time. Thank You for your time.

Rana Daood
Hi i was one of the students at Blue Oaks Elementary School in Roseville CA,and i thought that your art work was amazing.It toched my heart when you said your story about your dad and how you made a painting of your dads face out of codes.Your art wok is truely beautiful and i hope i will see more of your art work.

i really love what you did in your art piece you have incoporated such cool things thanks for coming to rio vista and doing this.

Fernando Lopez
Thank you Patrick Dunning for your presentation at Rio Vista Middle School! It made me happy and sad, i really didnt get how you did your pictures and put them into a lot of things So Amazing!

jasmine edmison
the show was sooo cool and i appreciate u coming to my school because it was really funny and amazing

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