The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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You came to our school today and I LOVED your presentation. I tried to re-find some of the things you showed us on the internet only I couldn't find anything. I think that if you put something up on you tube more people would know about the project. Thanks!

i just saw this presentation today at my school in , i am in 8th grade. i cannot describe how amazing it was. i cannot put into words how i felt and still feel! it was so moving and everything was so different but powerful in it's own way. this is the most devoted and absolutely astounding piece of art i have ever seen in my life. this is a huge inspiration to me and i appluad you for having such passion for it. i have reliezed that i need something more in my life so thank you for opening my eyes. amazing.

Nikki Levy
I was at my daughters school today and she loved it!You are a very extrordinary person to do this, and may it come toghether soon!

Lorraine Piazza
Both my daughters saw your presentation today in Ridgefield, CT and it is one of the only times they have ever come home from school bursting with excitement and they think you are amazing and your project is awesome. Thank you for inspiring young minds! art and

Cecilia Lutz
I just watched the presentation today at my school, and I found the layers of the art work fascinating. To me it felt like something from 'The Davinci Code' where they keep finding new hidden layers, and I really can imagine someone long from now finding this piece of art and wondering what it means, and finding the layers of music and morse code hidden beneath.

Emily K.
This is soooooooo amazing. I couldn't have imagined doing something so huge! It is a great idea and I wish you success and I REALLY want to see this when it is complete. It is a wonderful way to connect the people of the world.

i watched the presentation today at my school, and it was by far the most amazing thing i've ever seen. how someone can think of putting morse code into a picture that can only be seen by x-ray is just mind boggling. Although i didn't get to sign the canvas, i am so pleased to have been able to see this fantastic project and be apart of this magnificent experience. :)

Eliza W.
I just had your presentation today at Scotts Ridge and that was so amazing. I love your work and passion for art and you're so creative. I would love to have the chance to sign it, and help complete project. Thank you for sharing your work today and the meaning of love, life, and happiness.

I have just watched your show at Alexander Hamilton also and i was blown away! Me and my 5th grade freinds loved it! i hope you will visit Thomas Jefferson Elementry school soon because we loved you the first time and hope to see you a second! 10~24~10 p.s. I am a fith grade grade student at TJ

you are my hero yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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