The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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sydney and nina
You came to our school, we loved the show. sydney thinks that you are awesome and created, bye.

Hi I was the one ho saw your show at Dickerson school my teacher is Mrs. Walsh she's a 3grade

Justin Pakosh
Im from Brayton school summit NJ and you came in October,20.your pianting is really good espectialy the painting of your Father and the marscode you put on your Father as a message.I really liked everything and the Irish music your brother wrote.your awsome on your paintings and youself.Im Justin Pakosh from brayton school. your great.

Tyler Kaufman
I got see you at Brayton School today. I think that your work is AMAZING! It was fun listening to the music that your brother wrote. Also, I had fun showing my parents your website. One other thing, your dad's picture is amazing how you made it. I wish you good luck.--Tyler Kaufman 4th Grade.

hello mr dunning. i go to brayton school and you visited us on october 20th. i hope you find lots more people to sign the Signature project! bye!

Ben Schachter
i was fortunate enough to witness your performance at brayton school. i was blown away by how talented you are and your perspective of life. i hope the project ends as beautiful as it has begun.

5e, Brayton School
We think you had great animation and you did a good job involving the audience. Bailey the cat was really awesome and we had a great time at your show. It was really cool how you put different pieces of artwork together.We really like the eye half-penny bridge.Your work is extraordinary and you're a genius. You are a Renaissance man!

The project you are working on is great! Thanks for coming to my school.Thank you for saying that Dickerson and Bragg are the best schools in Morris county.I am in 2nd grade.

what is the name of your bridge project

Victoria Staples
This was an incredible presentation of Life. I was amazed at how multi-faceted it is and how all these components are a tribute to Life itself. Patrick Dunning's vision is a gift that the world is blessed to be apart of. This presentation is way to inspire all of us to not just allow life to pass us by, but make our own marks in the world, for the greater good of all mankind. We are all intrinsically connected and this project reminds us of that. Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

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