The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi im Ava from the monmouth beach school in NJ i am a fith grader and I loooooved your work! thanks so much for coming!

you came to my school monday. it was fantastic!

Devin Strange
Today i saw your presentation at Union Township Middle School. WHile nobody really seemed to take it too seriously, rather than focusing on your presentation they were fixated on how you pronounced " White", I really was quite inspired by your work. I mean, I'm quite sad I never got to speak with you after, but i understood you were busy. I am from Rosscommon, and i know at least one other kid is too. Anyway, thats beside the point. I mean, the fact that you could mix together philosophy, music, art, and sheer will power, to create such a massive and immense porject. You sir, are truly inspiring, even to a 7th grader.

Hi - thanks for a great presentation at UTMS today - really enjoyed your electric guitar! The project it so cool with all the hidden things!

Terry Pipes
This presentation was visually exciting and moving. My students thoroughlly enjoyed it and I felt honored to sign my name and be a part of this living tapestry.

kian Metcalfe
hi you might know me from EDGEWOOD CAMPUS SCHOOI A.K.A. ECS I was the one who asked you for your autograph wearing the brown sweatshirt

Brody Andes
I think your project is amazing. I am in 4th grade in Madison, Wisconsin. You came to our school today and I think your story is incredible.

I just stumbled on a note I had made to myself about having got to participate in this - signing my and my (at the time) infant son's names during a visit to OR in 1997/8. Thank you for the excellent memory! I'm glad to see the project is still moving on!

R. Nickels
When I saw your presentation a few years ago you mentioned that you would have a DVD of the performance around 2010. Is that still the case? If so, how can it be ordered?

Sierra Ferris
When I saw the performance for signature project it felt so touching this is going to change history

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