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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Bernice Griffin
Patrick I just returned from the NHRMA conference and experienced your presentation of the signature was the most phenomenal and uplifting experience I've had in a long time...You truly have a remarkable gift to share with the world...thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the members of our organization.

SharonLee Nicholson
I am speechless. After assimilating what I can of the experience, perhaps I'll comment later on this site. "Thank you" is not adequate

Craig Jacobrown
I am going to follow this now. After seeing your presentation at Lakeside middle school I have had deliscious and nutritious food for thought. The face of art has changed and continues to change. Your concept, message, wholistic approach to your art and wonderful ability to bring all these media together (technology, paint, environments, stories and peoples lives). I want to watch the blossom bloom and if I can help with the polish of a little more of the theater I'll do that to. I'll try to get you in touch with the Imago Theatre, they are a great resource. Good luck Patrick!

Melissa Mason
Throught history many artists have facinated the world with their amazing and innovative creations. Sometimes their work is appealing to many people, sometimes it appeals only to the artist. Whatever the case, each piece is a masterpiece in it's own way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's all about perspective. The Signature Project is far too intense for me to describe in words, I can only try. Behind the beautiful painting is a truth, both joyous and sad. On March 4th, 2002 I saw your presentation of the Signature Project at Bonners Ferry High School. It touched me on a personal level and for that I thank you. Watching your presentation not only amazed me, but also made me wonder what kind of thoughts run through your mind on a daily basis. I think that you are a brilliant man and have much to offer the world. The Signature Project is not only a work of art, it is an inspiration that will touch the hearts of many. I wish you the best of luck in life and work.

Cassidy Cossairt
It was the most detailed,and amazing thing I've ever seen.Totally cool!

Denise Rosser
I am a teacher at Hatch Valley Middle School, in Hatch, New Mexico, and I saw your presentation on 2/9/05. I would just like to let you know how much I enjoyed it and how much I am awed by what you are doing. I was extremely impressed with not only your presentation but the concept, and also the mind behind it. You are truly doing something good, something that matters, and something for which you should be commended. I am honored to have been able to sign your picture and to be a small part of your genius. You have truly impacted me. Thank you so much.

Phillip Lucero/ SallyLucero
Patrick, my son Phillip came home from school today (Mariposa Elementary School) and could not stop talking about how great the assembly was today, he was empressed with all the signatures and your life. thank you for bring that great assembly to his school

charlie neaman
Patrick Dunning you brought me many memorise it is sad. And I'm a native american.By charlie neaman yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ron Giller
Patrick, I was very impressed with your multi-media presentations at Leonard Lawrence Elem. on oct. 12,04. Your work certainly touched the hearts and minds of the students and staff in our school. Thanks a million and seven thousand for the great day. Sincerely, Ron Giller Principal

Helen Sheehy
Dear Patrick, Last night when I arrived home from work my 7 year old son kept bugging me about this thing going on at his school (09-23-04, Rosemary Kennedy Elementary, Riverside, CA). I didn't want to go. I was tired and had other things to do, so I told him if he finished his homework we would go, believing he could not finish. A while later, he came to me and said he was done so I had to take him. Your presentation was the most wonderful thing I have seen in years. I felt all the stress leave my body and I found myself smiling yet wanting to cry at the same time because what you are creating and living is so beautiful. You allowed me to sign and I wrote my husband's grandmother's name as she had passed away this year. Thank you so much. Helen Sheehy - P.S. My son lied; his homework was not done, he just wanted to see your presentation desperately. Just between us, I'm glad he lied.

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