The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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when do you expect to finish your big project??????????

angel nieves
i seen you at my school about two weeks ago. Issac Miller Elementry,Santa Maria. It was an honor to meet you. I have a question to ask you. Can you answer it? How can i sign the board? If i can wheres the next place you'll be letting people sign? Thank you for read this short message. If you can write me back as soon as possible. Bye.

W. J. Pollock
Fantastico! Yes, it is one of the best performance of art I have seen. Thank you for bringing it to the kids. They were glued to your presentation. Bill

Keeawnya Cole A.K.A. Keekee of DeMille Middel School in LongBeach C.A.
Hi, Patrick Doning came to my school April 2,2010. He talked to my school about hiz life pashtion. I just wanted to say that the signature project iz amzing and very insprtional

thank you for coming to our school todaay i realy enjoyed it

David Morse
My students and I really enjoyed your production. I hope each and every can find the passion, wonder, and analysis of life your project portrays.

candelaria bautista
hi i was in miller school when you showed us your project that you did i was wadoering if you have copies of the cd you said cause i want to keep it to remember you amazing project . Amazing Love It!

sienna alarcon,Miller school
i really liked how he showed the meaning of life. i also fond it fascinating that he was able to paint picture avor picture

isabella stallings
i saw you today at my highschool, which was in junction city oregon. it was amazing! your painting was wonderful, and all the different elements in them was beatiful. plus your cat was cute too. >___<

I LOVE your project. It's really cool by taking it to that next level of thinking. The assembly was cool. P.S. I am a student from one of the schools that you visited for an assembly. Thanks for coming to our school!

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