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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Terry Polvay
Hi Patrick:Did I mention that I loved your purring kitty cat; your honoring your parents and sharing your music with your brother. Most of all, I love the sharing of yourself and your passion. The process and the journey of your signature project is the essence of you. Thank you for the moment that was a brief hello. Terry

Barbara E.
I saw you at my school, Union School, New Jersey. I think your idea is so extrodinary. I can`t wait to see it finished. I hope to one day meet you face to face!!

dena lopez(ethan murillo)
When you where at lordsburg new mexico Central school I was one of the students and i saw all of the names my favorite part is when you made the mortisicle sounds

I saw you at my school, at the auditorium,I'm not saying it b/c this is a public website so just to hind you, my principal is DR. Dorosa. I loved your image and it touched me and my classmates hearts, Thank you and god bless you. And if you want to email me my mom's email is

Kathy Jeffrey
I had the honor of attending your presentation at American Heritage School this past Friday. Wow! There is so much beauty in this world. You reminded me again of the goodness within each of us. Thank you.......


amanda rivera
can u write my name in your project?

Joan Lister
What a fabulous presentation. You have created an amazing piece of art. It was an honor to sign with the rest of the Lower School staff at American Heritage School. Thank you for permitting me to place my granddaughter's name on as well. We hope this will be one of many visits to this campus.

rafael barreto
Dear Patrick, I love your creation! It was amazing! I was blown away by your art and your creativity. I hope you make another one so I can cherish it.

anna ferring from the school you were at friday
I love your show and I wanted to sign it.CAN you sign it for me. Anna Ferring. GREEN.

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