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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Aliya Williams
hi again! -Aliya Williams, 7th grade

Ive never seen something this AWESOME! im a student of moorestown friends school and the assembly/presentation on this today blew me AWAY!!! I wish i could have signed it though... Oh well! :)

Andrew Gargiulo
I was at C.R.Applegate school and i enjoyed your show very much.rock on!

Ty Cascone
I loved your new project the signature project i bet its gonna look great!

Mary- When I saw you in our school assembley I thoght I would never see something so unique and beautiful.Your work is so wonderful you should be very,very proud of yourself.... Your Dad would be very proud of you too! From a LDS student, Mary

You came to my school yesterday, 10/20/09! It was the best assembly ever! You have such great talent and you are brilliant, Patrick. I now see art in a way I never thought possible. My favorite part was Canvas 47 and the portrait of your father in morse code. i also loved it when you called your brother in Ireland. Thank you for the experiance!

I loved this show I saw in school and wondering if i could sign my name I live in Oceanside N.Y and go to oaks school #3 my name is Cameryn Green.

Isabella Cuadros
Hi, my name is Bella and you came to my school, school #3 in oceanside new york on 10/21/09. I REALLY enjoyed your presentation it was very expiring . One of my favorite ideas of yours was when you had three sun rays of the names of the people who died in 9/11 that was very thoughtful. You presentation was very cool. That purple light thing you had... yea i had one of those but I think he through it away. I am very sorry that your dad passed away, but I really like the way you mad a portrait of him out of codes I absoulty loved that. I loved listing to you and i wish i got to have my own conversation with you cause i had so many questions. Thanks for sharing you project with us and I am sorry for writing do much but you are I real rolemodel. I WISH I could have put my name on the project. From your biggest fan, Isabella Cuadros of Oceanside, New York, School #3 6TH grade YOUR ARE TOATLLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

cameryn green
i saw this as a presentation in school #3 in oceanside N.y this was the most amazing entertaining amusing show ever i an in 5th grade and i was so inspired to have seen it. i feel like the luckiest person in the world to have seen him performe. I could not say enough good things about the signature project

Hi i am from school 3 you were awesome i am in the sixth grade and you cam the day 10/21/09 i wish i got to sign the boared :(

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets