The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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lauren and brittany
heyyyyyyyyyy your awesome !!!!!!!!!:)and you are Fantastico!

sylvia wittenberg
6th grade science teacher - I saw your multisensory presentation today. It is multidimensional - both literally and figuratively. It is difficult to find the words to describe the experience. At once, it is spiritual, educational, entertaining and awe inspiring. As a science teacher, I am delighted by the fact that you've incorporated elements of the electromagnetic spectrum besides visible light (I won't say more here, because I don't want to reveal too much). Best wishes, Patrick, as you continue your journey. I'm honored to have been part of it.

Very nice site!

Lauren Kirk
You came to our school, in new jersey, and you have been an amazing inspiration! I love the way you express life and your creative talent!

Alexandra Jackman
You came to my school, Franklin Elementary in New Jersey. I thougt your work was just amazing, and you are very talented. I think you were very creative in the picture. The message behind all your work is truly incredible. Thank you for coming to franklin School. Alex 10 (This is my moms email)

i love the way you made the signature project. where did you get the idea from?

noelle allerdings
the signature project that you are working on is amazing. patrick dunning come to my school on thursday october 15 2009. i was so amazied at what he did it was the best asembly that i have ever been to. so if you get the chance to go to see one of his shows, go, it will be the most amazing thing that you will ever see. so thank you mr.dunning for creating this wonderful project. noelle,11

Linda Presutti
Patrick, we saw you last night at the Newmark School and were amazed. My daughter kept saying your presenation was intense and she said she knew your expression of art was a spiritual experience for me (she was right). My daughter, at 13, already embodies "finding & living your passion" through ballet. It's now time for me to find that passion as I embark on a new career. The timing of my seeing you was the universe reinforcing that path & my intent. Cheers to my friend Cindy for finding you and bringing you to Joisey! Continue to enjoy the journey with the signature project. Thank you for sharing with the world. My best, Linda

I loved the whole show! I couldn't believe what I saw! Some kids in my school got to sign it, and I would really like to. Is there anyway I can?

Shannon K.
Wow Mr. Dunning!! That presentation was amazing! I am a Student at Eisenhower Middle School and you did the presentation yesterday. That was so cool how you did the eye painting on the bridge. The school and I really appreciate how you came. Thank you again.

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