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Janice Bentley
I signed your artwork many years ago and bought the T-Shirt. At the time it was a 10 year roject. I am happy to see yo are still at it. At the time you put a dot on my t-shirt. Is ther a way i can see my signature online? Thanks...jb

Maggie Roller
Your project is super cool! That was the coolest assembly ever (I am at heatherwood middle school) and i wish to see it again. Could you tell me why you are going to put the project into cubes when you are done? I wish I could have signed it. You should come to Mill Creek WA and have a signing. Wait, ummm... how do you have people sign it? Do you go places with a specific square? Is that why you drive a lot? I would love to know!

Maggie Roller
The show at Heatherwood middle school was amazing! It was the best assembly I have ever been to!

Journi Moore
Dear Mr.Dunning, I love your artwork! you were at my school yesterday and i really enjoyed your show! sincerly, your biggest fan from heatherwood middle school, Journi Moore my whole school was amazed at how much time you have spent on all of it. i told my parents about you and the eye on the bridge you made in dublin, they were astonished and said i was very lucky to see your show.

Kaja Smith
Hi Patrick, I just want to thank you again for the wonderful presentation yesterday. It was truly inspirational.. Good luck to you. Hope to stay in touch. Regards. Kaja Smith Heatherwood Middle School, Everett SD.

cooooooooooooooooooool project!!!!!

Audrey Loveall
oh my gosh! u r soo amazing! everything u do with your artwork just inspires me to do every thing i can with mine! u came to my school (warrensburg lathem middle school) and i think that your project is amazing!!!!

Chelsea Whirledge
I am from Mt. Angel Oregon and I thought your presentation was phenominal. I got a lot out of it and I am actually going to write an article about it in our school newspaper. I came straight home and told my family about the entire presentation and they kept tellin couldnt have been tht interesting and I said it was LIFE is a big deal to me and he really proved his thanks soooo much for coming to our school and telling people about your project.

Kristine Osuna
Dear Patrick Dunning, your presentation was amazing!! so i know every other person is saying this but wow!! it was pretty entertaining and your outlook on life is wonderful. I hope you accomplish this...i'm so glad i was able to be a part of it. (you presented today at John F. Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel, OR) Go class of 2009!!! :) Thank you for everything!!! --Kristine

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