The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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John Campbell
You recently came to my school in Bellevue, Nebraska (Leonard Lawrence). I have not had the time to write, and I apologize. I'm a student teacher at the school and was floored by your presentation. You made me think in ways only a few people have, and that to me is a wonderful accomplishment. Your thought process and methods of doing this project are astonishing. I want to thank you for letting me become a part of your project, I'm truly honored. I would also like to learn more about this project and if you'll be back in Nebraska in the future? Well, thank you again you truly are an amazing and creative individual. Good luck with the rest of the project!! Sincerely, John Campbell

Chip Collins
Hi Patrick, Your show today (10/21/04) blew me away and at times found myself laughing, crying, and overwhelmed with joy. I found the presentation to be very spiritual, up lifting and I love your understanding of life and the human sprit. Thank you so much for letting me add my name to this fantastic project. Thank you and take care, Chip Collins

Linda Tonetti Dugan
Dear Patrick - thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful assembly at Ellis earlier this week. No other program has provoked so much appreciation, thought and introspection from both faculty and students. You are truly an angel as you continue to touch so many lives w/your work. From all of us, many thanks. We hope to see you at our school again. Our best to you wherever you are, always!

Ronda DeLong-Benbrooks
I saw your presentation at a conference in Seattle. I was moved and inspired by the artwork and the faces of the people that will forever be a part of this beautiful piece of living art. I signed the canvas, near the heart. I will never forget that experience. I am humbled to know that I will be a part of this magnificent celebration of humanity, as we all truly are. You have given us a rare gift, Thank you!

Tom Myers
This was the BEST presentation ever at Cascade Designs! Such creativity, diversity and beauty! Patrick is a creative genius! Thank you so much for sharing.

Denise Mann
Unbelievable! I saw your show at Emerson Elementary School on Oct. 30, 2002. I was very moved and have never been in an assembly where the students were so quiet. It was awesome, thank you for sharing it.

Michelle Harden
My family and I just loved your show. We can't wait to see the ending project. I saw your show 3 times that day at Spring Creek Elementary School in Spring Creek Nevada and I really,really loved your show. You are awesome!

Marisa Martorana
I loved your program! But not the kissing part... GROSS!laugh out loud. I look up to you as the greatest ARTIST in the WORLD! I loved how you did the show! How did you manage to do everything? I look forward to seeing your SIGNATURE PROJECT when it is done! Did you put the name Matthew McDermott on the sun? Because he died on September 11 and he was my cousin. I loved how you made the "Irish Eye Vision with the 200 year old bridge. I liked how you did the motorcycle and cop

Chris Fiato
Your Presentation was rad dude.I am a student at White Brook.This was by far the coolest assembly probably cause you had a lot of music and you are pretty nuts at guitar.Thanks for letting me be a part of the Signature Project also.Good luck

Ann Marie Chinn
My daughter saw you at Laurelhurst School this week. Here are her comments: I like how you do art. I think you are an amazing artist because you do a great job of describing how you think the world is and you are very creative and think of stuff that I would have never thought of. You make the world seem a better place to me and you help our kids understand how things should go in the world. You try to make people understand that the world is a great place and if you find a spot that you belong in, you can just feel like the world is perfect!

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