The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Kris Petersen
I recently had the pleasure of having Patrick's display at an assembly at my middle school. Words can't describe the emotion, beauty, and creativeness of this project. One teacher said, "In my 21 years of teaching, this is the best assembly I have ever seen." Students were equally impressed. The integration of music, the arts, and crtical thinking is something that everyone should see if given the opportunity! Highly recommended! Kris Petersen Principal Lynden Middle School

You were at my school, Spring Creek Elementary Nov.9-2oo4. I think that what you are doing is brave and it is showing people all around the world that life is full of suprises, and that anything is possible.

What a great idea. My teen aged daughter came home from school and told me all about it. I don't hear much about school so she must have been very impressed. Thank you for giving her something to get excited about & giving us a connection. Hopkinton, MA

Kathryn Killinger
I saw your presentation at the 2003 Northwest Environmental Conference in Seattle, Washington today and LOVED it! Your show made the entire conference amazing for me. Your stories about family, friends, life, hardships and turning negatives into positives touched my heart and soul. I also loved your brother's music! Our oldest daughter is involved in Irish Step Dancing and would enjoy dancing to Brian's music -- we'd love to get a copy of your brother's CD -- please keep us on your contact list. I will definitely recommend hosting your show as an event for St. Joseph School (which is our local Catholic school that our children attend). Lovely.

Peggy McCormack, 2nd Grade Teacher
The Signature Project was an absolutely amazing assembly! All students and staff were mesmerized by the scope of the project and the genius of Patrick Dunning. This was a wonderful show that everyone should experience.

Thomas D. Keenan
We came away from your presentation at St. Pius Catholic church, in Coeur d' Alene, ID, inspired, renewed, uplifted and feeling like we needed to do more with our own spiritual journey and lives. We can not thank you enough for so graciously sharing. We look forward to your continued success and the release of your CD upon completion. God's speed!

Jennifer Gorsuch
Saw the show at the NHRMA conference just last week....FANTASTIC! I only wish my signature would be on this wonderful work of art. Truly creative and inspiring!

John Campbell
You recently came to my school in Bellevue, Nebraska (Leonard Lawrence). I have not had the time to write, and I apologize. I'm a student teacher at the school and was floored by your presentation. You made me think in ways only a few people have, and that to me is a wonderful accomplishment. Your thought process and methods of doing this project are astonishing. I want to thank you for letting me become a part of your project, I'm truly honored. I would also like to learn more about this project and if you'll be back in Nebraska in the future? Well, thank you again you truly are an amazing and creative individual. Good luck with the rest of the project!! Sincerely, John Campbell

Chip Collins
Hi Patrick, Your show today (10/21/04) blew me away and at times found myself laughing, crying, and overwhelmed with joy. I found the presentation to be very spiritual, up lifting and I love your understanding of life and the human sprit. Thank you so much for letting me add my name to this fantastic project. Thank you and take care, Chip Collins

Linda Tonetti Dugan
Dear Patrick - thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful assembly at Ellis earlier this week. No other program has provoked so much appreciation, thought and introspection from both faculty and students. You are truly an angel as you continue to touch so many lives w/your work. From all of us, many thanks. We hope to see you at our school again. Our best to you wherever you are, always!

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