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Rachel, Freeman MS 6th
I saw you at freeman middle school today, what an amazing show! I wish my mom was their to see it. I hope i get to see you again. Than you for sharing your amazing art!

James Andrews
ArtsTime was my second time seeing The Signatue Project --I was first lucky enough to see it back at Kingston Junior High School a few years back-- and it was just as amazing now as it was then! I have to ask...what are the chances of you posting the name and recipe of that delicious looking dish your mom has in front of her in that picture from the show? It's not Colcannon, is it? I didn't write it down like I should have. I hope we can get you back to our district for the entire staff to see. Thanks Patrick!

Orlene Olson
Patrick, I witnessed your genius and pssion at the ARTSTIME event in Tukwila, Washington. You are a true Renaissance man. Your inclusion of so many facets is a testimony of the wonders we are a part. Thank you for sharing. I am next to the Cape of Good Hope... quite appropriate for an Elementary School teacher. Thank you!!!

Orla C. McAlinden
Dear Patrick, My mother (Una McAlinden) just saw your presentation today and came home very excited. She showed me her poster and I went onto your website to learn more. The Project is very cool--but don't you get tired? Sounds like alot of work! I thought it was really cool about all of the hidden things inside the picture, do you plan to add any more? I hope I will get to soon see your presentation and add my signature! 3/21/09

Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

Thalia Montana
I am a student at Camas hight and you were there talking about the signature project and i thought that your presentation was very good. i wish i could have signed the board. keep doing a great job at what your doing and i hope you have a healthy and happy life along the way...

In 2005 you came to my elememtry school, Laurelhurst, in Portland Oregon. Signature progect was proped up against the wall in our gym. I was wondering how the project is going? I often think about the time and work it takes to do that. I just want to tip my hat to you and say thank you for such an amazing peice of art work.

Hayden Sutton
You came to my school today and talked to us Freshman at 7:30 in the morning. i found it to be really really cool. and so did most of my classmates. as the presentation was winding down i was getting really excited. not excited to get out of the auditorium, but to get to sign one of your squares. i thought it'd be really cool to say that i had been just one of the millions of people you got to sign the mural. to bad I'm only 15 and not 18, which supposedly is the age we had to be to sign it. honestly i think its a dumb rule. because its a piece of art that will he around for a long long time. thanks again, it was a really cool presentation. ~Hayden Sutton

Emily Redman
On Tuesday March 17, 2009, me and my little sister got to see your presentation at Camas High School, in Camas Washington. I only got to see a little bit, of your second presentation, my little sister got to see all of your first presintation. After words I had the privilage of going and signing your 78th block, and I got to talk to you for a little bit. As an aspiring artist, your presentation was a huge treat and privilage! My little sister can't stop talking about your presentation, and I'm very bummed I didn't get to see more than what I did. I want to thank you from both of us for spending time and visiting our school! Hopefully in the future I'll have the oportunity to see another presentation perhaps. Thanks so much for the inspiration and unique perspective your work offers!

Molly Fazio
Dear Patrick, You gave an Outstanding presentation at the Camas High School in Washington today. It was Fabulous. I thought Michael Jackson was the only person in this worl that's not afraid to share their talents with the world. I hope you come to my school again sometime....I liked how you called your brother...You have inspired me to enter the talent show coming up so i can show the world my talent to sing. I hope you continue to be healthy so you can finish your project...I can't wait for you to be done with it. I'm proud of you and your roadtrip music..."Irish Blues" Was Exelent!! I couldn't hold back from dancing! Can I get the MP3 version of that? lol. Thanks for coming and i hope you continue your project with much pride abd accomplishment. Love Mollie. 3/17/09

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