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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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(ms. alongi's student Old Bridge NJ) i loved the blues part and thanks alot for comming

Grace G. Lenahan:Teacher at St. Thomas the Apostle, Old Bridge,NJ
Dear Mr. Dunning, Our school saw your presentation yesterday, May 13. You certainly captivated the entire audience. What a creative, unique, and brilliant way of sending the message that we are all God's work of art;unique and individual masterpieces interconnected to make up the many layers of this canvas called LIFE. Thank you for the honor of being a part of your project!

Monique Z; 7th grade student
Dear Patrick Dunning, I saw your presentation at my school, St. Thomas the Apostle, NJ and was amazed by the unique designs of your work. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my school and sharing it with us. I think that is awesome how you let everyone be included, especially your family! It must be very sentimental to you. Hopefully I will get to see you again in the near future! -Monique Z. 05-13-09

Jessica Singh
I saw your presentation at Saint Thomas The Apostle School in Old Bridge,NJ as a student.It was awesome! Incredibly Cool!

Hi Patrick! I saw your amazing show at Orchard Farms. Do you remember shaking my hand? I think you are a great artist! And i loved your slide show. I also have 2 Abyssians! Bayley was relly cute though! Thanks for coming to our school! Mimi

Jean Hannon
Patrick, Thanks for a great show, we look forward to seeing it again in the school one day. Will you be doing any public shows in the NY Metro area coming up? The address you can mail the poster to is 17 Lewis Circle , Babylon, NY 11702 Thanks and safe travels, Jean Hannon

Joan Taber Altieri
Everyone at Babylon Elementary School on Long Island, New York is raving about your brilliant presentation--and not just the adults. The children couldn't stop talking about you. "He's like magic!"

i loved the presentacian it was the best experiance of my life. at the end i felt warm insade

Mrs. Harrison's Class
Thank you for doing your show. Our favorite parts were: when you showed pictures of Ireland, when the dogs barked, and the cat purred after you touched the screen, when you played the guitar, when the heart was on your chest,and when you rode the motorcycle. We hope you come back to visit our school again!

stephanie johnson
this project was very cool. it seemed complicated

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