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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Melissa Alfonso
Mr.Dunning is a pure genious! With his unique way of expressing himself and family, he makes this project so intreging to young children. Your ideas for this sculpture are so wonderful and I hope you continue to work on this project for many years to come.An inspiration for life, I think this is. May your dream for this sculpture soon come true. I know you will succeed, just follow your dreams in every way! My school and I were amazed at your incredible presentation, making it so enjoyable for both students, teachers, and faculty. Thankyou for sharing this exciting project with us!

Patrick McCloskey
Hi I am from Nellie Bennett School that you visited on Thursday April 9th 2009.I loved your show it was awesome.P.S can you put my name on the project too.My favorite part was when you called your brother in Ireland.P.S my family likes the BLUES included my dog.

Gigi Snodgrass
Was the best assembly I have experience yet! I work with a child with autism and he loved it and so did I! You have many wonderful gifts and I hope they open doors for children to see they to can use what God has given them in exciting ways! Thanks again! Gigi 4-8-09

Corey Champion
Hey I saw your presentation today at Linton Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA. I thought you did a amazing job. When do you think that your signature project is going to be done?Also tell your brother Brian and your cat I said hi. I am trying to remember your cats name. But email me when you get the chance to let me know if you know when the project is supposed to be done. Also email me your cat name. Sincerly, Corey Champion

You project is amazing! you came to my school just today, and i was so amazed at how talented and creative you are. I just wanted to let you know that you have inspirired me to continue doing art and creating different things. The song that you made with the Morris code in your fathers face was so soothing and relaxing! thank you for sharring your expirience with us! Valiha

Kristen Mauclair "girl with the cool hair" HA ;)
Patrick! What could I possibly say that would culminate all of the feelings your presentation left? What a riveting and moving performance! The creative genius that lies within you is certainly a gift, and I’m just so glad you were able to share it with Linton Middle School. My students were enamored! The conversations stemming from your visit will be ever-lasting. Thank you so much for enlightening our students and staff with positivity and a dream to achieve goals. Can’t wait until 2012! Thanks again! ……Kristen……. “the girl with the cool hair” ;) PS... Square 119 rules!!

Katelynn DiCroce
Mr. Patrick Dunning, My name is Katelynn DiCroce. I was one of students attending "The Signature Project" assembly at Linton Middle School (Pittsburgh PA) on Wednesday April 8, 2009. I would like to say that i had an amazing time. I really liked the details that you put into your project. 16 years is a very long time that you have been working on it. The time and effort the you are putting into this project is really anazing. My favorite part is when you brought out the hidden things in the project. like the hand over the bird and moon. You are a great artist and i really hope that you would visit my school again. I wish you all the best luck in the world. Thanks alot.

Cassie Gates
Hey, I saw your presentation in Linton Middle School, Pitts burgh, Pa. I thought it was so amazing, and eevn though it is not mine to do, i aplogize for my classmate's and peer's behavior. I do think that it is one of the most beautiful things I''ve ever seen or heard of, on so many levels, not just one. It was not only pleasing visually, but musically as well. ven if i didn't have the chance to sign it, it was still very amazing and moving. Good luck with this project and any future ones as well.

Gina Isanhart
Saw your presentaion at linton middle school. I think you are very talented. Can't wait until it is complete! You will make history in art.

Hello, You cam to my middle school. Linton. Your show was amazing. I can;t wait to see what your project is going to look like. Your doing a great job so far. Thanks for coming to my school.

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