The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Julianna Draper
I loveed the picture of your father.Your a really good guitar player.I loved it when you showed White Pass the newspaper and it said White Pass kicks Mortons butts.By the way we do.Your a great artist.I loved your paintings they were sooooooooooo awesome!By the way your cat Baily is soooooooo cute.I wish I could have Baily.

Cassandra Carlson
The presentation that you did at my school was really cool. My school is White Pass. I thought it was intresting how you were able to put somemany diffrent types of art into one peice. All of the diffrent things you could do with art. I'm hoping to be a foreign exchange student in Ireland.

jacob sweazy
It was all right, was that your brother on the phone or was it just a recording?

Lauren Porter
I saw your presentation at an assembaly at Banyan Elementary School. I loved it and thank you for the presentation. It was amazing.

lisa sloan strom
Signature Project Love's beauty Through divine grace Lined up perfectly On the human face Signatures written Each hand finds a place As world's wide witness To art's global trace Spirit's dream Seeks Psyche's ace Sunlight shining Through fragile lace Time's travel Through heart's space Presented soulfully For the human race

hi im from banyan elemantary, you just visited us today. i wish i could have signed it!! i cant wait to see it when its finished...good luck!

i love the mural and think it is a great inspiration to life. I am in 6th grade and you came to my school today 11/20/08 banyan elementary. I think this is wonderful espescially the hidden secrets. I wish I could have signed it! i liked the motorcycle rider getting pulled over by the policemen when you used that insterment. I also liked the irish lullaby that was in morse code on your fathers portrat. I also love cats and it was funny when you started scratching its belly on the picture and it started purring!PLease e-mail me back! bye!!!!!!!!!

cherokee watkins + danielle gaynor
hi im cherokee you came to my school, banyan elementary,it was awesome. it was like nothing i have seen before. you are very creative and i dont know how you could ever think of what you did at the assembly. i am in 6th grade and i loved it a lot, cherokee and danielle

That is really cool. You probably work everyday on that masterpeice. When do you think it will be done? Ever?

Dustin Pineda
Hi Mr.Dunning, I am 9yrs. old and today you came to my elementary school at Arroyo Elementary in Simi Valley, CA. I think what you are doing is great and I really enjoyed the music you played, wow! I think your art is very inspirational and I can't wait to see The Signature Project complete. Thanks for coming to visit us. P.S. - I love the blues.

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