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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Robin Chater
I bought three of your abstract paintings from an exhibition in Cork several years ago. Are you still painting? I never see your work at auction. RC, UK

All greetings! I have fallen in love today:))))) I wish to shout about love to all world ! :) Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

i saw your show at jefferson elementary, and i was shocked and amazed that someone could accomplish such a thing. i had one question, though: how can i sign it?

Joel Wallace
dear patrick, a saw you in elementary school and now yesterday its great to see it come along....keep coming to bellevue nebraska love to see how its finished

dottie holomek
can you sign my son's name Joel Holomek

austin maxwell
I saw your show at Bellvue East.Why did you chose to do the signiter project

Marie H
I was a student at Lewis and Clark Middle School Bellevue Nebraska, and I just wanted to say that everything was amazing. We all loved. The music, the pictures, the phone call, and the fact that the teachers all signed. And before, one of my friends did too. It was great. I hope I will see it some time again.

Jess Curry
Dear Mr. Patrick, I really enjoyed your presentation and I will never forget it. I liked the newspaper man in the train set because Lewis and Clark will kick Mission and Logan's butt! Thank you for the incredible expirence. Lewis and Clark Middle School Bellevue, Nebraska 10-22-08

kaylee eder
hi im from lewis & clark middle school and i just wanted to tell you that your drawing is amazing and thank for comeing to our schoola

today i watched u at lewis and clark in bellevue

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