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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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EddieAnna Torrez
dear mr. dunning, thank you for that cool interesting presentation you did at Mark Twain Middle School in Silverton, oregon! Your a big insperation to me and glad to know one day im gonna see you the most famous person ever and that my signature is on that part under africa on your project! and this is a very interesting and awesome picture. oh and thaks for showing our school this for free:))

Livi Anderson
Hello! You just gave a presentation to Mard Twain Middle school in Silverton, Oregon today, the 19th of Febrary. I was totally blown away with how you have created a masterpiece beyond the ideas of anyone else. Your work is so inspiring.I sgned your project and am honored to be a part of it.

amanda and chandler
hey patrick we thought you were great rember going to mark twain middle schhol? well we go there and we signed your project....we thought that your project is one of the most greatest things ever it was so awsome!!! thanks again for coming!!!

Lindsey Garlinghouse
hey! i just want to say what you do is absolutely amazing. the performance was spectacular today, and it really inspired me. im really into modern art and the Signature Project really caught my eye. You have opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities and have reassured me that nothing is impossible. Thanks for broadening my horizon. and.... Thank you for coming to Mark Twain Middle School, and letting the kids sign their name in you magnificent work. :)

patti battin
Hello Patrick, My dear friend Ken Cohen told me about your project and that also you have bought the White Steeple church in Silverton. I run The Dovetail Art Gallery in the Hartman building on S. Water. Just wanted to say welcome to Silverton and I hope we get a chance to meet. We have a new show: Photography by John Labovitz, opening on March 6th, First Friday, please come and say hello. Patti Battin

your my hero. have been for 5 years. where is this gunna be located when your done

Your show at brookside was amazing and funny i think the signature project is really neat and creative your cat Baliey is really funny when he sleeps and your brother is really good at playing and wrighting music

Katelyn Lee
U were awesome when u came 2 my school today February 13,2009.Brookside Elementary School ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signed,the coolest 4th-grader ever & YOUR BIGGEST fan

hi i'm from brookside elemantry school second grade i hope the project turns out nice.

Anastasia Greer
Hi Mr.Dunning!!! I am Anastasia...... I was at your signature project assembly at Brookside Elementary today February 13th. Your presentation was AMAZING!!!!! You really inspire me with your stunning artwork!!! Thank you so much for sharing your project with our school!!! A fifth grader, Anastasia

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