The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Amy Scheidt
Wow! I just saw your show this morning at Oakland Elementary School in Butler, PA and have told everyone about it. The project is amazing! How blessed you and your brother are to be so talented. And how blessed everyone that experiences your show is. Not only did you amaze the adults at the school, but you touched the students as well. After seeing the show we discussed it in class. One of my students noted with great enthusiasm that you have to "know about computers, math, science, geography, music, art, and how to talk really well too!" Thank you so much for opening my eyes, sharing your talents and dreams, and allowing me the priviledge to be a part of history.

It is the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen. There is really no words to describe it. I saw the show in Miami, Oklahoma and it touched the inner soul. I left feeling that the human spirit still lives on in this project. Keep up the good work and Thank you again for coming to our town to show it.

Deanna McDevitt
Dear Mr. Dunning-I was geniunely moved by your Signature Project Show. The images you created and the pictures you showed were simply astounding. As I love Irish music I did find it hard to watch everything as I would close my eyes and let myself blend in with the beautiful music your brother composed and played. I felt very honored to meet you after the final show at our school and I hope that one day I will be able to shake your hand again. Thank you so much for coming to our little neck of the woods, for letting us know that all people count and for allowing our fifth grade students be a part such a wonderful masterpiece. Sincerely, Deanna McDevitt-Special Ed Instructor, Fernan Elementary, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Rich McConaghy
I had the joy of experiencing the Signature Project on October 16, 2002 in Portland, Oregon. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to reflect on the divergence and beauty of life. Thanks so much!

Lynn Robbins
I was greatly inspired by Patrick Dunning's presentation, performed for us at the NHRMA conference in Tacoma Washington. Trying to put it into words to describe to others has not done the performance justice. It is art in such a complicated mix of media, but born out so simply, that it is virtually impossible to describe. The presentation was exciting, captivating, and inspiring. I am going to our school district to see about having it presented in my town. I want the children to see what incredible things are possible in art, in combination with science and invention - more than paintings...more than sound...more than creativity. This was truly an incredible experience!

Richard Stumbaugh
Patrick, Was at the P&G deployment day in Lima ,Ohio on 7/15/04.Was really entralled with what you are doing especially the part of the victims of the 911 airplane passengers who perished in the attacks on the U.S.

Emily Moorhead
When your finished with The Signature Project I will Be 21 and I will remember that totally awsome day in 5th grade when you came to my school. After that I will go buy a copy of it even if it costs a thousand dollars. It will be treasured forever.When I am 76 And A great grandma I will get to say to my grandkids and great grand kids that the best artist in the whole wide world came to my schooland gave a presentation.And that my 5th grade teacher signed the most woderful thing ever. I love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Hanson
Yesterday Patrick Dunning came to our elementary school K-6. It was the best Assembly/Performance I have ever seen at a school site. The Art and Music were incredible and the technology added to the excitement. Visually and auditorially fantastic. I am fascinated by the depth and breadth of this project. It seems as though it could go on for years and years. Thanks for coming and I would love to see it again! My third graders were blown away and they would all love to sign your project.

Larry Cassity
I never thought my signature was anything special until I signed your canvas. What a wonderful and inspiring presentation that puts everyday things into perspective. Thank you Patrick. Larry Cassity - Seattle, WA

Tara Matlock
Hi Patrick! I am a student from an Oklahoman high school that you visited on May 9, 2003. I was simply awed by your art. So many of the wonderful things you revealed about this art piece literally gave me chills. I admire you very much for all the wonderful and hard work you've put into this dream come true. I myself am a lover of art and am usually always found sitting on the floor of my bedroom with an art pad and millions of pencils and colors, drawing what lay in my imagination. I recently have started a drawing of Siberian husky breed dogs running wild in the blue mountains during a cloudless and starless night. I haven't been doing to well on it, because I am working with colored chalk and am having trouble getting it the way I want it. I was about to give up on my drawing, but when I saw all the work that you've been doing for years, I'm going to keep going on my drawing and make it better than what I myself hoped for. Thank you!

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