The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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What is the name of you project of the eye under the bridge.

Azie Foster
The assembly today was great! Thatnks to coming to Pasteur Middle School, Patrick! Keep up the good word and maybe I'll be able to see your finished work some day!

Jacob king
Your peformance at Louise Pasture was amazing, and has inspired me to try harder at every thing i do.

dang dude you came to our school today. lol loved the pasteur kicks carnegies butt! hahahahahaha. NICE JOB! but i wanna sign :(

A Pasteur Student
I really thought that you had a well thought out presentation. i was inspired by your creativity and determination to finish it and i wish you the best of luck. I wish my name could be included in your project but i know that if i got to sign the whoe school would want to sign so i understand why you cant... ttfn

You came to my middle school and I really wish that I could sign the progect. So I could be a part of something so magnificant and spectacular looking as the peice of art. I am a huge art fan and love what you did to the pictures especialy the one of your dad. I hope to sign the picture one day and become a part of the masterpeice you have created.

Logan Martell
it wuz cool!

Wow today you came to our school and i thought that the project that you have been working is really amazing! I think that you have came up with something so awesome it is honestly a beautiful concept with all of the music, thoughts, and ideas going into the project. It's truly spectacular. :]

Today, you came to my school and showed your project. I really wish I could sign one of the boards! The meaning was wonderful, and I hope that in later years, people will be able to figure everything out... like the music and symbols. Thanks for coming to our school!!!!! I hope one day I will be able to sign one of the boards. :)

natalie g.
today you came to my school. you should have let us sign. *sigh*

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