The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi I saw you at the Lebanon High School.

you are stunning,dunning!! you are an awsome person!keep it going.i got my respect for you!!

hi patrick,this is caitlin from riverview school and i watched your performance today at the high school.your an AWSOME person i hope people tell you that.because you seem that your the type of person that NEVER gives up.all i know is that your dad would be SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of you and your brother!! keep doing what your doing to make the earth a better place!! your # 1 fane.

breanna rae
that was amazing!!! when are your next shows? i would love to see it again. you should display your show dates and times on your home page! i went to the show at lebanon high school. you are very smart to think of doing this!

Corbin Moss
That was the best show that i have ever seen. I totally enjoyed it. You totally and completely took my breath away when you played the electric guitar and your insperation for art work is awesome!!!!!!! THANK YOU Sincerly, Corbin Moss

The thing you did at the highscool in lebanon was out standing your art is the best i have seen. Your cat bailey is so cute.

andrew lofton
that show was cool.

Leah Yeager
This is Ms. Yeager's class from Green Acres School in Lebanon, Oregon. We loved your presentation. Our favorite things were: The Morse Code on your father's face, the Blues, your burrito jokes, and the loudest applause we've ever heard!! You did an awesome job on the eye too! YOU ROCK!! You are an amazing scientist, artist, musician, magician and inventor! From: Colton, Elizabeth, Jenna, Paige, Andrew, Skyler, Freddy, Jett, Natalie, Dakota, Jonathan, Chaz and Ms. Yeager P.S. Say hi to your brother for us! And we can't wait to see your picture when it's all done!

devin bingham
hi patrick I am from lone peak elamentry you rock

Patrick Dunning is soo cool! He came to my school and showed us everything about this AMAZING idea he came up with by making a HUGE piece of art using people's signatures . He showed us all of the secrets to this thing. Me and my BFF were the only students in the school who got to sign it. I believe this man is going to be famous for this one day.His project reminds me of the DaVinci code because they both have MANY secrets and tricks to them. So GO PATRICK DUNNING!!I LOOK UP TO YOU!

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