The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Morgan Thomas
That was VERY KEWL

your cool

Brianna Taller
That was a very great show and very awesome artwork!

i watched u at the convo at Hoosier Road elm it was cool!!

you rock

I think that the signature project is sooo great. I remember Patrick Dunning coming to my school,Lowell Academy.He showed us his cat, Bailey, which is my cousin's name,he showed us one piece of art which was his dad that had died before Patrick's brother had his baby boy.He said that when someone comes into the world someone leaves it which is a 100% true.When my baby cousin Victoria or, as we call her, Toya came into the world my grandparents died before my couisn had entered.

woow, the signature project is amazing. you came to my school and showed us so much, we were all amazed by it. you showed us a whole new world of imagination, and expanded our dreams. i cant wait to be able to see it all finished. good luck reaching your goal! you are a hero to many people <3

Jennifer Dixon
hey you came to my school. It is Hoosier Road Elermentary. Can I have your number and your brothers number e-mail me back.

Delaney Hatfield
I think that the project your doing will help peopole learn about life.I was at the convacation that you did at Hoosier Road.I loved it.

Molly,Cortnee,Maridith and Michael
We are from Hoosier Road Elementery School in Miss Harling's 4th grade class. You talked to us and we were totally freaked out by the amazing stuff you are working on. We thought the presnetation was the best one we have ever seen. Thanks for coming to our school.

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