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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Patrick Dunning is soo cool! He came to my school and showed us everything about this AMAZING idea he came up with by making a HUGE piece of art using people's signatures . He showed us all of the secrets to this thing. Me and my BFF were the only students in the school who got to sign it. I believe this man is going to be famous for this one day.His project reminds me of the DaVinci code because they both have MANY secrets and tricks to them. So GO PATRICK DUNNING!!I LOOK UP TO YOU!

Patrick Dunning, WOW!!! You came to my school back in middle school, and I just remembered the experience and googled searched it. I was one of the lucky five that got to sign, in one of the Africa panels. Keep it up, this thing will be AWESOME!!!

You came to Tom Hawkins school, your show was AMAZING (: . Best of luck completeing the signature project!

Eric Pearson
Hi, I was at the assembly for Lone Peak Elementary you did. I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was awesome!! Bye!

patrick dunning, wow. that show that you put on at parkland middle school in mchenry illinois was amazing. i dont know how you took that photograph with the flashing cars and the city and stuff.

I really LOVE the project you are working on. I am a student of parkland the school you went to. I hope your project looks awesome!!!!!!!!!! :)

Raymond Pfeiffer (Raymond P. in south africa on the panting)
the thing your doing is so cool. especially the part with the people of 9-11 i was one of the ten you chose at St. Ritas school Racine Wisconsin to write my name in south africa im so thankful

mike mcgee
I think your project is real cool from a parkland student named Mike mcgee bye .

caroline russell
Mr. Dunning, Your signature project is just amazing! I loved your brothers music to. If you could, could you tell him that for me? Thanks. By the way, I am one of the fourth graders in the U.S. from the school Hoosier Road Elementary. Do you remember visiting my school? I hope you do because that was the BEST presentation i have ever seen! Well, it's time to switch for math, write back!!!!!

caroline russell
wow! Everything that has to do with this project is amazing!!

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