The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Caley Anne
Hi! I have commented on your work before, and I was wondering when you think the project will be done. A couple years ago you came to Trails West Elementary School and you changed my entire perspective on art. It is amazing how you can keep all of the colored signatures in the right place to create a picture. I can't wait to see the finished piece! Aurora, CO 5-21-08

Morgan Kerry
I am a 3rd grade girl at Holy Family School and you came to my school and gave your preasentation to us unfortunately I didn't get to sign one of your squares but I just realy, realy wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVED your presentation

kayla schilling
good job!

how did you're brother know how to play music

wow is right...when you came to holy family i was AMAZED. you are a true artist. i wish i was that great. thank you for the opportunity to watch and enjoy your extraordinary performance (: P.S.-thank you for letting me sign!!!

Emily Cisar
I think the assembly was awwwsome! It is a cool idea. I love how there are so many different who sign the squares. It is really hard to find a lot of people to sign!

Alena Gnizak
Hi I am 12 years old, remember you came to my school? (Lowell) I like when you showed us how tall we were to your picture that you were painting. I told my mom about the signature program and she thaught it probly was really really good.

heyy you remember you came to my school[lowell!] I LIKE WATCHING THE SIGNATURE PROGRAM it was so cool! i liked the pictures and how you made all that p.s.thanks for comeing to our school i realy enjoyed watching your program! <3

that signature project was cool everyone liked it,the red heart that you had in your hand,me and my friends thought it was a real heart it was cool but that was a long show so i hope all the other kids like your show at other schools.bye

hi mr.Dunning its cecylia one of the kids you perfomed for at lowell elementry.....i just wanted to say that i liked the performence alot!! i think the best part was when you and your brother played music...thankyou for perfoming at my school

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