The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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hey i was at chs and watched your show i loved it it was great im an 8th grader i just wish i could of signed it well hope to hear from you Crystal

i though that it was cool and i like

I liked your signitures project today and i like the s tuff that you did with all of the signitures!!! I also like your brothers music and that blues solo you did i was all awesome!!! Im from Cusick school elementry and it was funny when my friends got pointed at by you!!!

Shane Ray Peterson

Daniel Pielak
Hi Patrick! Earlier today, you visited my school, Clarkston High School (Clarkston, WA) and I (12th grade) must say, the assembly you put on today was the best one I have ever witnessed at any school in my life! The purpose of everything was so deep and emotional! I think it is absolutely amazing that such a person would take all the elements of art and put them together in ways noone has ever thought of! Like the codes that translated to instructions with the light to show the song on the 43! It was absolutely spectacular and being able to sign it and be apart of history was also an amazing feeling! I can't wait to visit the finished project when you are finished with it and show my children that I helped with that. Thank you so much for visiting our small hick-ish town and have safe travels to wherever life takes you!

Bob Turretts
Mr. Dunning, you are so awesome I mean you play the guitar, work on projects, and live in Ireland. Plus you also have a brother that makes music. Clarkston fan is messaging U.

Dear Mr. Dunning, You came to Clarkston High School today, to preform/show us your project. I am not from the high school, but rather the middle school. I am in 8th grade, I was sitting in one of the front rows in front of the sound maker. haha, I forgot the name. But that one guy invented it. Anyway, I hope you get done with your project on time. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life time so far. Keep having fun, and doing what your doing. Oh and by the way, you have an adorable cat. :] haha. Thank you sooo much. Love the accent by the way! Thank you soo much, Laura Badgley.

Jessica montgomery
Wow i really like how you took life and made a pictuere out of it it is very creative i also like your creativity with the morse codo picture of your father and the lullaby that your brother wrote it makes me feel very happy, wish you the best of luck, Jessica m. p.s i LIKED THE PRESENTATION IT WAS AWSOME, I THINK THE EYE WAS MAGNIFISENT WAY TO GO.

Leisha Blimka
Patrick Dunning, You are the most amazign individual I've ever met in my life, as I told you earlier today at Clarkston High School. Your depiction of art is so....stunning! You include so many different aspects and views into all of it, and I find it extremely advanced and it has truely made a profound differnce in my life. When you let me sign your amazing piece of art today, I was incredibly honored. If you don't really remember me, which i don't expect you to, considering how many people you meet every day, I am the girl that came up to you who had very short neon pink and orange hair, whom you wanted to take a picture of, but you had left your camera in your truck. :) I really and truely am honored to have met you, and I will forever remember the profound impact you have made in my life. You've shown me that one single person really can make all the difference. So, I guess, what I'm trying to say, is thank you. Thank you, so very much. Leisha Blimka Clarkston High Schoo

Jackie Heimgartner
Patrick, you came to are clarkston High school today, and what you are doing is amazing, keep up the great job, this will be known for millon of years.

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