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eddie prado
can u come to are class .

your picters are cool

Dear Mr.Dunning,Patrick Dunning. i was there when you were at garden in tulare california i love your work it is so cool!!!!

kathryn foster
you were at garden school tulare california on valentines day of 2008 and the show you put on was the most amazing thing i have ever seen and my whole class loved it some liked the morse code picture of your dad and I liked the whole thing! keep on going ♠Kathryn Foster♥

Hello! guys please tell me where can I found free pron

Nora Garbutt
Is this you Paddy Dunning from Ireland who used to be our friend. Please e-mail would love to hear from you. Love your painting. Nora

dear patrick i realy loved the presentation you gave to the riverton middel school last year! i think your amasing!! pleas come again! and would you present to the riverton HIGH school too? ~how do you do it?~ *jaden*

PATRICK DUNNING!!!! You are AMAZING!!! I loved your presentation and when you showed us your cat. It was a great presentation. You should sell it on dvd. I KNOW I WOULD BUY IT!!!! goodluck on your project. I hope Bailey is doing well

Cliff Aker
Pat, It is Cliff from NJ (police officer) Just checking in and seeing how everything is going??? When are you coming to Jersey again? When you get a chance give me a call. 732-278-5132 Hope all is well and wishing you the best.........Cliff Aker

Ana Palacios
Mr.Dunning, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the assambly when you came to our school, Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah Washington. This has inspired me to follow my dreams. tahnks ever so much. I am definentally looking forward to seeing the finished progect and buying the DVD.

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets