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Jessica montgomery
Wow i really like how you took life and made a pictuere out of it it is very creative i also like your creativity with the morse codo picture of your father and the lullaby that your brother wrote it makes me feel very happy, wish you the best of luck, Jessica m. p.s i LIKED THE PRESENTATION IT WAS AWSOME, I THINK THE EYE WAS MAGNIFISENT WAY TO GO.

Leisha Blimka
Patrick Dunning, You are the most amazign individual I've ever met in my life, as I told you earlier today at Clarkston High School. Your depiction of art is so....stunning! You include so many different aspects and views into all of it, and I find it extremely advanced and it has truely made a profound differnce in my life. When you let me sign your amazing piece of art today, I was incredibly honored. If you don't really remember me, which i don't expect you to, considering how many people you meet every day, I am the girl that came up to you who had very short neon pink and orange hair, whom you wanted to take a picture of, but you had left your camera in your truck. :) I really and truely am honored to have met you, and I will forever remember the profound impact you have made in my life. You've shown me that one single person really can make all the difference. So, I guess, what I'm trying to say, is thank you. Thank you, so very much. Leisha Blimka Clarkston High Schoo

Jackie Heimgartner
Patrick, you came to are clarkston High school today, and what you are doing is amazing, keep up the great job, this will be known for millon of years.

Hi, you came to Clarkston, where I live, today (Tuesday Jan 22 2008) and and your presentation was awsome! I was going to give you a standing ovation but I got a little embarrassed, I am in the 6th grade. I wish I could have signed but that is okay. I am irish too. Keep it up. Bye!!!

ryan larson
I thought it was really cool. I hope you finish it soon. I would like to see it standing next to it. You came to my middle school at Andrew Carnegie(Orangevale,CA).2-15-0

mary joss are truly amazing ....I am the girl that was at clarkston high school in clarkston washington that came to you after school and was amazed on how much time and effort goes in to something like this. And you also gave me one of your cds and I am so pleased with it ..I also asked you for your signature and I can always treasure again you are truly amazing.. I hope that someday I could meet you again and finally see the finished product! Hope that you remember me and please e-mail back if you have the time ...Thank you so much ! sincerely :Mary Joss

Tori Rowland
Mr.Dunning. You did a show at my school this morning and i have to say that it was Amazing! I dont think ive ever been so touched. I love your artwork, its absolutely Beautiful. And your brothers music is Very touching. I just had to share that with you thank you. Tori Rowlad

Katharine Roche'
When you came to Clarkston High School I waited in the auditorium so that I might possibly get to shake your hand, I absolutely loved your presentation, (it was amazing and incorporated so many different types of art in it), and you let me sign the corner of africa. Thank you so much! It was an amazing expirience, and good luck with your project.

I was at the MLK Event you attended last night. I just wanted to say that your work is absolutely spectacular. You showed that art isn't confined to paint and a canvas. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Ketura Cloke
Mr Dunning, I came to your presentation at LCSC tonight with my two young daughters. They were mesmerized by your magic and I was taken by the many diffrent ways that you use art. I think that your talent is so amazing. I wish I had had the honor to sign my name. I think my oldest daughter really loved the idea of talking to your brother in Ireland. Thank you for sharing you gift. God Bless!

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