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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Sahiti Malladi
Dear Mr. Dunning, I am 6th grader at Beaver Lake Middle School on January 25,2008 (today). When I experienced your performance I was blown AWAY. I was all excited and with tears at once. I am all from a different country and when I was looking at the different people who have signed the finished boards I truly felt thankful that I was living. It must be hard to believe especially hearing this from a 6TH GRADER but it is the truth. I loved your ideas. The music was wonderful and I loved the idea of the recipe! I really can't wait until the DVD for the project comes out. I will be looking forward to seeing you at another assembly at our school. I will also be looking forward to what you will do to the project when it is done! Thank you SO MUCH. I know the whole school enjoyed your show very much!

Emma Strand
Hi it's Emma strand and you came to my school, Beaver Lake middle school in Washington, you are amazing, I loved the presentation. it was the coolest thing i have ever seen. You are incredible, you are an inspriration I can't belive I met you. I will never forget your presentation.

Patrick Dunning, you came to Beaver Lake Middle School today and that was the best assembly ever!!You are very intelligent and I admire your ideas.

Hallie Holton
Hey Mr.Dunning! My name is Hallie. I go to Beaver Lake Middle School and you came to our school today to tell us about The Singnatrure Project. I was really inspired about what you had to say and just by the project itslef. I really loved that you put that names of the people in the September 11 incident. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for coming to our school and telling us about this amazing project that you have thought of.

Hi, I was at the assembly at BLMS and really enjoyed ur show. It brought tears to my eyes remembering 911. The show made me think about what my career is going to be and how it will impact the world. Unfortunately I was not able to sign the project. My class was so upset that U are going to make it into a sculpture. PLease rethink this and It will be a pleasure if U email me

Samantha Sage
I'm from Hieghts elm. in Clarkston W.A.I LOVED your show it was very neat and exiting.We in our class talked about it the whole rest of the day and ho much of a good idea it was to do that.Got to go hope to see you for another gunies idea.By.

Melissa G.
I am a sixth grader at Beaver Lake. I saw you at our assembly this morning and thought that the signature project is really cool! I liked when you did motorcycle and cop thing too!!! It was one of the best assemblies i've ever been to.I thought it was cool how you showed us all of the hidden things in the painting and the painting of half of the eye hung on the bridge.

Today, 1/25/08, i saw you at my school BLMS i was very thrilled!! you did a excelentte job and i loved your art work!! Thanks for coming to our school Mt Almay was sure happy thanks again

Juliette B.
Thxs 4 coming to Beaver Lake today. I really enjoyed ur presentation about your projects and life. I hope u will come back again. I hope that I will get a chance to sign it in the future. Thxs so much.

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