The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Suzanne Feeney
Mr. Patrick Dunning, you just visited Beaver lake Middle School not to long ago. At that school I am a sixth grader. I thought you were really cool. That assembly was by far the best assembly ive ever had. You've really taught me that I should always follow my dreams even if they take over 30 years. =] Thank you for visiting my school. I hhope I get to have an experiance like that again. P.S. I'm really looking forward to trying that recipe you told us about!

Victoria P.
My friend from beaver lake said that your presentation was awesome so i decided to check your website out and it is absoloutly amazing!! I really hope you would be able to come to Issaquah Middle School anytime soon because it would be really cool for me to sign the signature project, it seems really cool and i think it is a great idea, so keep getting signatures!! -Victoria P.

Melissa Hager
Wow!! I just saw the signature project today and thought that it was very cool. Thank you so much for coming to Queen of Peace Catholic Church(Salem, OR). I cannot wait till it is done. I would love to get the dvd of the finished masterwork and be able to get your cd. Thank you once again!

Kai Folke
where do you have the picture of the eye on the web?

Kai Folke
no fair you came to my school but you never let me sign

Cami Malcom
hi this is Cami I just wanted to say that I am a student from Queen Of Peace and I loved your presontation. I really hope that you come back with the whole thing done. Youre friend Cami Malcom

Danielle Grace
Mr.Dunning,I recently saw your show and was very moved by it.You were just at my school last week.I go to Clarkston High School.The way you put those messages into the artwork was really amazing.Thanks so much for coming.Hopefully I will be one of those signatures someday.I can't wait to see the finished product.1-29-08

Pat Boyd
I saw your presentation in Lewiston, ID on 21 January, 2008. Thank you for your dedication and love of this project. Everything about your program is exceptional! May God continue to bless you and others through your art, music and your creativeness. Some of our students at Grantham got to see your performance at Parkway and they all thought it was awesome. Also, you made Thomas Mastroianni's day when he was able to sign your little piece of Africa. thank you.

beaver lake student
hello im one of the beaver lake students that you prsented to a couple of days ago and i just wanted to your idea is amazing the uv light , music, x-ray, and the picture its self was soo cool i cant wait to see the finished product thank you for coming to my school it was an awesome experience for me thanks again a ton beaver lake student

Kylie Boyd
Hi! I was at the Beaver Lake Middle School show. I think that the Signature Project is a REALLY fantastic idea! Good job pursuing your dreams and making them happen! :) I have many dreams that I wish to achieve in the future years and you have just inspired me to keep on pursuing them! Thank you! :D

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