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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Armand Franzen
Mr. Dunning you visited my school today and truely inspired me to open my hart and just believe in myself and the world. You changed my view on the world and when I told my parents what you told my school today they were amazed. I hope to visit Dublin Ireland someday and visit the Halfpenny bridge and see the amazing river and see were the river trickles off a single blade of grass. Keep up the amazing work and I hope to see more of your works of art and hear the stories you can make people tell. Sincerly, Armand Franzen 1-18-08

Michael Liddycoat, Eastmong Jr. High.
Mr. Dunning, Recently you came to my school, Eastmont Jr. High, and gave me a new insperation and look on life. I hope to see you in the future. (I Was the one who you said was a gentleman, and had to take another look. I was also in all black at the time.) You are a truly great man. And your brother is an amazing artist, aswell. I with the both of you the best of luck.

chelsea penfold
your presentation is the best i have ever seen!! i liked the way you painted things that can only be seen by xray's and ultraviolet lights and how you explained how everything worked. you really brightened my day today!! good luck with all the signatures!!

I thought what your doing is brilliant, i was one of the students in the auditorium at eastmont jr. high. just to think of the scale of this project amazes me, lol(laugh out loud) i thought it was pretty funny how you did the thing where your fingers where glowing red and you swung your arms and acted like you threw the heart at the screen, :P ps: i'm also a fan of the blues

Isaac Duncan
Mr. Dunning, I have to say that your work is beautiful. I am one of the students at Eastmont Junior High School in Washington State, where you Presented this wonderful piece of art. I was absolutely blown away at the presentayion. I will remember this for a long time!!!

Nathan Frederick
Patrick you just came to my school Meadowdale and you were so cool once you finish your product i will buy a cd maybe two from your irish friend Nathan

Matt Cook
this was absolutely amazing! i loved every minute of it! please come to meadowdale again!

Valeria Q
I dont know if you actually read this but you came to my school today(meadowdale) and i found your presentation very intresting. I myself hope to be an artist one day and in this one project have covered every single type of art i hope to learn. than you and good luck with the signature project!!

Hae-Ri Jung
Hello Mr. Dunning. Today you came to our school, Meadowdale High school, and I was really amazed at what you are doing and your passion to do things. I think you are those few people who live by what you want to do and I was just so glad that I got to see your presentation. Thank you! I hope someday I could see your finished product.

Greg Hodge
It is briliant i could not amaging how many hours it took you to even think of all that it was amazing. i wish you the best on your quest

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