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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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karly midwig im in 6th grade at bsms
hey this is karly i saw you in my school on thursday i just want to know how did you do that amazin stuff i cant wait until u do more byes

haylee spangler
Patrick you did a great job. My favorite of the show was when you called your brother Bryan and he played the flute and you played the elctric guitar.We really lked how you visited the Bermudian Springs Elemantry School,weenjoyed it.

Sue Funkhouser
I saw Patrick at Bermudian Springs Elem School. This is just awesome!!! It so inspiring, and creative.. Just everything that you put into this work of art is unconceivable to me. You are very talented... Thanks, I am a custodian at BSES i missed signing your piece of art.oh well, thanks again keep it it up.

Hi! I am from Gayman Elementry and I just LOVED your assembely! It was my favorie. It had a lot of mening and feeling. The sound effects were amazing. Just BRILLANT!

Devin M.
When you came to B.S.E.S; The assembly was awsome!I hope you come nextyear.

i just saw your presentation today! It was so cool! I go to berumidan springs middle school. You're a genius! THANKS!!!!

carley myers
your asslembly was awesome please come again.

jake e
nice i saw this assembaly at my school it is rockin

hi this is cody from bermudian just wanted to say that was great keep working on the signature project and i liked the blues!!!!

gina mitaritonna
hi i am gina mitaritonna from j.j catena school t remember when you came and showed us about your stuff. I liked when you said you put a eye on a bidge it was very cool! from, gina

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets