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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Stephanie Wallace
Patrick- response to your show at our school has been amazing. I still have people coming up to me and praising the level of quality and artistry you demonstrated through your show. Teacher's and students alike thought it was absolutely brilliant and amazing. We can't thank you enough for bringing your creativity to life in such a captivating show. I have a stack of thank you notes that I would like to send you. Is it possible to give us an address which we could send them to you at? Thanks again, Stephanie Wallace (Parker Farms PTO)

Saffron Diamond Rickman
I am from Richland High School and i was unfortunate enough to suffer through your assembly. Your dreams and plans for the future excited me but then i was smashed to the ground when i found out you life is all a big noting and a LIE. You are a fake. The only real thing about you is that you are a woss. Your cat Bailey is probably a stuffed animal that you bought from a crap store or maybe your mother threw it at you from the basement where you grow your weed, and marijuana. I hope you are sadisfiyed with your LIE of a life, and i hope that the next phone call you get is actually real. And the next time you play your stupid guitar music will actually come out of it not just lies.All the comments that people have given you are just like your life, a lie. HAVE FUN sucking. love a fan, you liar.

you visited my school today and I LOVED YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!! it was AMAZING with a capital A!!!!!!!!!!! (my school is ocean road school)

Kristen Jacobson
Patrick- Your art, music, and presentation today was amazing. Thank you for coming to Ocean Road Elementary in Pt. Pleasant, NJ and giving us an unforgettable experience. My third grade class and I were inspired by you and your project. We wish you the best as you continue your journey.

Vy (v)
can you come to my school at WA bellvue clyde hill

emily estala
hello im 14 years old and in 5th grade you came to my school in california(santa clarita elementry school) and i had the very awesome oppertunity to be apart of the sighnature project. Ever since then I have been telling all my friends about you and from all of us we just like to say "WE WISH YOU THE VERY BEST AND WE BELELIVE THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL FINISH THIS WONDERFUL WORK OF ART AND WE KNOW THAT EVERYONE FROM ALL OVER WILL WANT TO COME AND SEE IT. WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU" by the way i moved to Cherokee Iowa and no one has heard about it!!!! But I no that as soon as i tell them they will think that it is such a cool idea. I also think that it is cool that you go threw so many places for your dream so dream on and it WILL COME TRUE!!! :o)

hey! love the project, and i think that it's really cool! my one complaint is that i can't find the soda bread recipe.

Annie Axenroth
Dear Patrick, You are awesome!!! My friend becca and i really enjoyed your presentaion at Gayman Elementry school in 2007. The whole idea of the celebration of life is incredible. You make me want to live life with a glass half full, not a glass half empty. You inspire me to be a better person! You are an inspiration!!! Annie Axenroth

This is so amazing. You had a visit to Knapp elementary for Diversity Day, my school, and I was so amazed! I wish I could have signed that. But only the teachers had gotten to.

hi pat! u came 2 my school and u were soooooooooo awsome. i hope to c u again soon!

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